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I don't care if you're a man or an alien... *

I watched DBSK's Dating on Earth yesterday morning when I woke up and I enjoyed it a lot :) It's straightforward, cute and engaging. It's much better than the Banjun Dramas and surprisingly thoughtful.

*dies* Of course putting Micky Yoochun in the lead role is one of the reasons I enjoyed this... I think the casting was pretty good because at that time he was one of the more charismatic members, although now all of them are leading man material.

Using all new DBSK songs as the soundtrack kind of threw me off, and although they worked fine, I would have preferred it if they had used more of their songs from that time. There were a few I didn't recognize...

The relationship between Yoochun and his wife is really nice to watch, instead of awkward and contrived as I had kind of expected it from the synopsis. It was a sweet surprise :) And I love the ending!

* appropriated from The 1st shop of Coffee Prince, lol!

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