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Fashion Follows Yoochun
Chaos Under Control
You Captured Me
Pretty Boy Power
Red Playground
Sapphire Pearls
One Pine Tree
Tokyo Bopper

Her whisper is the lucifer

O_o Ondubu is in tears! Congrats to SHINee on their first no.1 win with Lucifer - I love this pic because it shows exactly each of their personalities. Jjong the playful, Key the sweetheart, Taemin the beatiffic, Minho the macho and Onew, the dubu. That's my SHINee shorthand, lol.

I haven't been loving  Lucifer because I don't get why they made it their summer comeback song. In July, in the sun, I much prefer  Up & Down or  Electric Heart - something more groovy. When it's good though, Lucifer can be pretty hypnotic. I like all the mesh shirts they are wearing , but why are they starting to look more & more like wimmen? Up & Down 's hip-hop inspired colorful styling is, again, much more summery and more my type. It's like the summer version of Jojo and you know Jojo is a firm fan favorite. 

Meanwhile I'm also grateful for all the BTS pictures, Key being cute all over the place and more of Onew, Onew, Onew. Like this video [sexy back].

And as always I'm loving their off-stage style even more, like Key in an enormous white bunny-print t-shirt, or Onew in a blue Mario bros. t-shirt, or Jjong in this awesome little straw hat. Kind of makes me wish they styled themselves on stage!

My love is activated... ^^
All pics via Shining Shinee World

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Yesterday right after midnight I heard Taeyang's "I Need a Girl" on FunX FM radio and at 1 AM (couldn't sleep) I heard Jolin Tsai's "Love Love Love" which my friend tells me was the closing theme for Studio Sport during the 2008 Olympics. I hope more Asian music makes it over to our airways! There's lots of radio-friendly pop that would go really well within the urban genre of FunX.


I Was Wrong

I was totally wrong. Although I like 2AM I just stopped paying attention after that weird video with the snow and the wings or something like that I can't really remember. But this video is GOLD!

I haven't enjoyed an mv so much in a while. Jokwon is totally not plausible as a dj and they are also not plausible as high school students but that girl is an honest-to-goodness girl-next-door type babe and this video is all-round jjang. That maknae has a face like a goddess but I can't remember his name right now? lol the little ponytail is pretty great though.

While I am on the subject of 2AM enjoy these pictures:

How much am I looking forward to the 2AM + 8eight subgroup HOMME? (Hey that makes 10!) A LOT. like 10 out of 10 a lot. Two bona fide heart-rending ballad singers that are also FIT. NICE. Here's an acapella by 8eight to remind us how straight up talented they are.

Did my dad put something weird in my tea tonight? haha

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I have this exact bedspread on my bed now:

From Kara's Wanna MV

From part two of the Japan-Taiwan movie About Love (featuring my favorite, Ryo Kase!)

Seriously, about this movie: part one made me gag, part two made me lol, and part three made me (want to) cry. Part three was bright but haunting and perfectly made for that short length of film, and I just can't forget it.

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SHINee's comeback is stressing me out too much to say anything coherent about it, lol. Here's BOBO whose security always makes me more relaxed! I like the mail stamp thing on Xinbo's jeans.

via aiyatheydidn't

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Stylenanda girls are a mix of outrageously sexy, super fun, cartoonish and terrifying from their huge and tight hairstyles down to their uber trendy overly styled wedges. Sometimes when I look at their pictures, I imagine them to be some kind of crazy and strong girl group- they move in packs and they pack a gigantic fashion punch.

I don't think there is a comparable girl group in Kpop right now except for maybe 4minute who have not only a similar style but also a pretty consistently trendy and fierce image. A lot of groups try to straddle between the traditional attractive feminine appearance and being fashionistas, often with dull or even disastrous results. Although I really like the girls of T-ara I think their wardrobe is the most abominable, sorry coordi oppa!

If Stylenanda girls were a idol group though I would definitely watch their performances, whatever the music was like at least their style would be super high-octane!

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Pride won't feed you

“For my pride I won’t lose to anyone~”

This is part of the lyrics to “Shooting Star”.

Of course, although we thought this line showed the overall meaning of the lyrics and sounded cool,

I regret that we couldn’t change this particular line.

You can’t let your pride take priority.

Though it’s important to know your self-worth and not to yield easily,

If you go overboard, become unreceptive to the outside world and stick to the student mindset

You’ll suffer a lot of damage from society.

You must know how to have the self-respect to discard your pride sometimes.

There’s no need to feel defeated because of this.

As a part of society you just have to be a bit more lenient.

To jump higher you have to crouch to your lowest.

If you try to jump with a stiff body, you won’t jump high and you’ll only feel pain in your legs.

Everyone has to find his own time to build his pride.

But it’s definitely not 'right from the beginning'.

Kim Dongwan


Bang Mir

MBLAQ's Mir is one of those rookie idols I can't wait to see grow up... It is also pretty awesome that his surname is Bang. What a nutter!

Meanwhile, what on earth is Seungho doing? He remains my favorite but he is sooo vague and weird :P

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Smarty Buin

Watching the first episode of 2PM's Nickhun and f(x)'s Victoria on We Got Married brought back all the dear memories of when I was into WGM in the winter of 08-09. It's no wonder these two have hiked up the ratings of WGM because they are adooooorable together already (even though I also like Jokwon+Gain and Jonghwa+Seohyun).

Since I already know a bit about Nickhun, it was Victoria I was most curious about. (Although, I was already a bit smitten by her Drunken Fists.) She is too cute! Admitting up front how much she loved girly childish things despite her chic appearance, Victoria showed an honest and warm personality from the beginning.

It reminds me of how in the season of WGM that I followed, I started out as fans of the husbands on basis of their fame/charms, but ended up loving the wives most. All the women were so vulnerable in their pretend marriages, yet so strong and steadfast. Their loyalty and devotion were truly touching, despite all the awkward and difficult moments in the marriage.

Of course one of the more notorious couples could be said to be Gundam couple, Junjun and Lee Si Young. They got off to the worst start ever and were bickering and fighting like crazy over everything, although they tried to accomodate each other. In the end, after the show was over they actually continued into a real-life relationship for a while.

Lee Si Young is sooo sexy. I love her brattiness. After WGM put her in the spotlight, she had to reveal some of the difficulties she's had in the entertainment business, such as lying about her age to get work. Even then, she wasn't ashamed of it. I really admire how she doesn't back down for anyone.

It was actually the Acorn Jelly couple (Kangin + Lee Yoon Ji) that got me into WGM ♥
From the beginning Kangin was something of a cad, but Lee Yoon Ji tried so hard to understand him and get along with him. I think she was something of a saint! And along the way Kangin came to appreciate it too and did some lovely things for her. But it was frustrating road, lol!

Again, it was the parts where Yoon Ji revealed her dreams that really touched me- when Kangin arranged a surprise recital by Yukhi Kuramoto, Yoon Ji was moved to tears. She described how she used to listen to his piano music while sitting on a bench after school and dreaming about her future. Kangin's parents were right when they said he would be lucky to marry a girl like her.

The funny thing about Yoon Ji is, she's so beautiful, graceful and talented, her fashion sense is quite poor. Mostly she just wears very trendy cool clothes, which look nice, but would suck the personality out of a lesser person. Still, she manages to come out of it all looking amazing, although I would personally like to see her in more natural styles to complement her natural appeal.

And finally of course I can't go without mentioning the other two couples. I didn't follow them from the beginning, but starting from the 'Couple challenge' onward I became fans of them too :) Shin Sung Rok + Kim Shin Young obviously couldn't look dorkier together with him tall and lanky and her short and round. However, underneath that was Kim Shin Young's worries about being an appropriate wife and she didn't dare to get close for that reason. I love Kim Shin Young and I hope Shin Sung Rok and every other man appreciates how wonderful she is.

Lastly there was Taeyeon + Hyungdon (or 'Jelly' and 'Pudding'). I can't believe Taeyeon is barely 20 because she was definitely the more mature of the two, handling the delicate sensibilities of marriage with ease. Never once did she fail to take Hyungdon's side or any of those other pitfalls of jealousy, etc that they like to set up on WGM. She was amazing until the end.

Now I'm going to have to start backtracking this season's WGM to get more Seohyun, Gain and Victoria. ♥

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No Other Super Junior

I am loooooving Super Junior's second promotional single No Other!

I was really not feeling Bonanama at all but this performance has gotten me right back into the SuJu fandom :) I guess I'm just an old-school dripping with cheese love song type, lol! All their vocals are really great on this simple, catchy tune.

Another thing I really like is that there is no complicated, aggressive concept for their look - they all have natural, shiny hair, I love their white & black outfits, and they just look so relaxed and like they are really enjoying themselves. Rookie bands just do not compare to the easy confidence these guys have :D

Did you seeee Eeteuk's crazy goofy grin?

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Jay is the best. Especially in the summer- his sad songs are perfect for late, long summer nights. Nostalgia...

Ci/Qu: Zhou Jie Lun
Lyrics/Music: Jay Chou

Translation: jakinni -

翻著我們的照片 想念若隱若現
fan zhe wo men de zhao pian / xiang nian ruo yin ruo xian
Flipping through our photographs, thoughts of [you] are visible yet invisible

去年的冬天 我們笑得很甜
qu nian de dong tian / wo men xiao de hen tian
Last year's winter, we laughed very sweetly

看著妳哭泣的臉, 對著我說再見
kan zhe ni ku qi de lian / dui zhe wo shuo zai jian
Watching your tearstained face, telling me goodbye

來不及聽見 妳已走得很遠
lai bu ji ting jian / ni yi zou de hen yuan
[I] have yet to hear it when you've already walked so far

也許妳已經放棄我 也許已經很難回頭
ye xu ni yi jing fang qi wo / ye su yi jing hen nan hui tou
Perhaps you have already given up on me, perhaps it is already very difficult to turn back

我知道是自己錯過 請再給我一個理由說妳不愛我
wo zhi dao shi zi ji cuo guo / qing zai gei wo yi ge li you shuo ni bu ai wo
I know it's all my fault, please give me another reason, say you don't love me

就算是我不懂 能不能原諒我
jiu suan shi wo bu dong / neng bu neng yuan liang wo
Even if I don't understand, can [you] forgive me?

qing bu yao ba fen shou dang zuo ni de qing qiu
Please don't use parting (breakup) as your request

我知道堅持要走 是妳受傷的藉口
wo zhi dao jian chi yao zou / shi ni shou shang de jie kou
I know wanting to go is your wound's excuse

請妳回頭 我會陪妳一直走到最後
qing ni hui tou / wo hui pei ni yi zhi zou dao zui hou
[Can] you please turn back, I will accompany you until the very end

就算沒有結果 我也能夠承受
jiu suan mei you jie guo / wo ye neng go cheng shou
Even if there is no conclusion, I can still endure

我知道妳的痛 是我給的承諾
wo zhi dao ni de tong / shi wo gei de cheng nuo
I know your pain is the promise I gave

妳說給過我縱容 沉默是因為包容
ni shuo gei guo wo zong rong / chen mo shi yin wei bao rong
You said [you] gave me tolerance, and silence was because of acceptance

如果要走 請妳記得我 如果難過 請妳忘了我
ru guo yao zou / qing ni ji de wo / ru guo nan guo / qing ni wang le wo
If [you] want to go, please remember me, if [you] feel sad, please forget me

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