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Give More Love

Give Love is a notoriously bad film that mysteriously became a huge hit in China. I saw it on the plane last summer and was so underwhelmed by it. However, I was on the plane with nothing better to do, so I didn't feel too bad about it. Besides this what I want to talk about now is the main character Yutong's awesome apartment, which is so not Hong Kong. But it's beautiful.

Unfortunately these screencaps make the flat look blue when actually it's a very nice, clean green. Still. Nice plant.

This looks like a fun romantic comedy right? It's not! But cool restaurant.

This looks like it could be a hot, stylish movie right? It's not! Sweet room partitions.

Looks like there could be some chemistry here. There isn't! I like Yutong's polo though, it's pretty much the only elegant garment in this film.

I really like this old-school green paint job with brown trim and a white high ceiling.

Quant open kitchen and two-person table, I imagine it has one of those waxed tablecloths on it. Great chairs, too. Where did you find those chairs, Yutong?

See his bedroom is partitioned off with these cool folding doors. The rattan bed adds to the tropical feel. I think in this scene, he had just peed into that vase?

Yutong's face pretty much resembles how most people feel about this movie. Great office corner though! The set-up is pretty nice for if your office is actually in your open-plan flat.

Awww. The movie does not instill this kind of calm into you.

Is this even in the film?!! And... scene.

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Via Yvan Rodic's adventures in Seoul recently comes this picture of an adorable Korean couple who have this cozy alternative/hipster style down to a t. Right?! I am just freaking out over her crochet jumper which does not look stuffy at all, just adorable, warm, and 'laden with subtext'.

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Ray of Light

Just the other day I took notice of Dong Bang Shin Ki's regular feature in the Japanese Ray magazine and I love the way they are styled and shot in this series. There's a definite Japanese feel in their clothes but not in that awkward way they sometimes end up in for shoots. It's a casual and neat look, misleadingly simple- the combination of the five member's outfits is very sophisticated.

This blue picture has a great aesthetic- everything just comes together, including their irregular composition. Looks good! (Jun-chaaaan has a good forehead.)

So much plaid in these outfits, but it doesn't get hackneyed. (I think some of the other members have worn this black sweater on Changmin in other photo shoots.)

You know, I like reading criticisms of Kpop and Jpop culture to try and get a bigger picture sometimes, and one website I read recently told me a lot about the generic young Japanese OL demographic of magazines such as CanCam and Ray, mourning their promotion of bland lifestyles. I don't even know how that ties in here except that I just want to say, sometimes I can really identify with the normal need to fit into a corporate and ordinary life. These are real pressures. I like this regular Ray magazine style. It's not trying so hard, and in this case, maybe it brings DBSK closer. You remember how their dreams mean the same to them as yours do to you.

Jun-chan's sweater and scarf set in this next photo is so sweet. Endlessly Sweet.

All photos via DBSKnights.

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"The End of Summer"

Here I am, talking about the end of summer again... it's the feeling at the moment I guess. The weather has turned, the leaves are changing and the making the roads slippery mixed with rain.

Moriyama Naotaro's Natsu no Owari is my favorite song right now. It's the 'floating in the dusk' feeling of his music. Many people don't like falsettos, but for some reason I have always been attracted to songs that use them.

I also love what he is wearing in this video. Here's a lovely fansite featuring interviews with Moriyama Naotaro: Yuugure ni Ukabu.

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The Men

These pictures from Marie Claire's The Men feature are quite awesome. I really like the variety of eye-catching and thought-provoking concepts used in these shoots, especially when it maximizes the diptych format like in Lee Sukhyun's 'private eye' style photos. Wish they'd do something like this for The Women as well!

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Milk Club

The idea of Eeteuk starting a 'Milk Club' with Yoona and Taeyeon sounds terribly cute, even though it's supposed to be a 'Depressed Souls Club'! I can't help but smile at the name Milk Club, so I supposed it's sort of effective in sharing joy and happiness :)

And with the addition of prospective members Yoochun and Onew, the club's members are sure to cheer each other up with their undeniable cuteness! Haha!

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Ordinary Miracles

It's already been a while since I've watched the j-drama Arifureta Kiseki but it still has a deep impression on me. Although I haven't seen many dramas at all, I can tell this one is unique. The story of Shota and Kana trying to build their life is portrayed in a sensitive, realistic way. Their families' individual struggles, each as meaningful as the other, are also shown.

Now that the weather is turning cold and the days shorter, I can't help but think of the Celtic legend that Shota told: under the sea there is a world where you can see people's feelings by their aura- sad colors, happy colors, lonely colors. That way, you could never think that you are the only one who is lonely.

I'm not articulate enough, so I love to read what other people think about the drama. Here are some links (warning: some spoilers):

Arifureta Kiseki eps 1+2
My favorite drama for winter 2009...
One of my favorite dramas from last season
Impressions of Arifurata Kiseki

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Leessang- I'm not laughing

You engraved your words "I love you" a thousand times all over my heart, but now you leave me as if I'm a Mangbusuk (a legend where a faithful wife stood still and waited for her husband until she died and turned into a stone), pushing me aside as if I'm a speck of dust in a corner. Without thinking, I slapped your face when you tell me that we should break up, and cruelly ignored the ground who clings onto my ankle begging me to stay. Then, I decided that I will never be with you again. I cut off and threw away all the parts of me that put efforts all this time to keep you with me against the cars rushing past me, and smiled a smile mixed with tears while vowing to live a happier life than you to the darkness ahead.

My laughter is not really a laughter.
My steps forward are not really steps forward, either.
I'm simply waiting while shedding tears in my memories of you.

How many days have passed? Like the melancholy streets of the late autumn, like the lone fisherman sitting by a lake, I cough from my endless chain smoking while becoming too tired from the loneliness and anticipation, and get entrapped in my reminiscence. Your alluring voice used to make me fall like a broken branch into your arms, and used to jest out of some inflated, sweet dreams that I should tie you down to me forever.No matter where we went, or who we came across, we were always together and therefore happy while basking in a joyful atmosphere. That's how we were, but now, she is no longer by my side... and I walk by myself at night once again.

My heart, that has sent you away from me,
is now making me filled with tears. It makes me waver, and gives me pain.
My eyes, that has sent you away from me,
is now approached by darkness, and I, once again...

"I'm going to forget you. I'll definitely forget you!"
No matter how many times I shout that, it's impossible.
I wasn't able to treasure you, and regrets come to haunt me.
"I'm going to forget you. I'll definitely forget you!"
No matter how many times I shout that, it's impossible.
The memories of you laughing erodes my sanity once again.

Every part of my being cries as I blow my nose, pained by your absence.
(Though I want to laugh, like a man should)
My habit of suddenly turning numb and dazed won't go away
(Though I want to laugh, like a man should)
I want to laugh it off, like a man should, but it's so hard even to eat something. My friend, who tries to cheer me up, laughs, but that laughter turns into a melancholy marble...
I try to laugh, and even when I laugh, I can't laugh, and so I leave to somewhere far away...

Lyrics via Bumfromkorea@youtube

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Summer's over

Watching Dong Bang Shin Ki's amazing A-nation performances from this summer makes me:
a. miss seeing them all perform together (yeah it's only been a few months >< but that's a lifetime in fandom)
b. miss the summer. how did it go by so quickly?

These performances totally captured the great summer vibe and warm sentiment. Survivor is fantastic! So much energy! Not to mention the sound quality is really good. In choosing to perform Survivor and Stand by U (in these videos- I know they also performed other songs) they've also really put a stamp on THIS summer - 2009. I love it when a song brings back the feelings of a specific time and memory.

A really cool 'Always keep the faith' tattoo sticker on a fan:

Even though it’s just bit by bit, we can feel the way to enjoy happiness is changing.

All pics via SharingYoochun.

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Wonder Girls!

Sohee's wearing this amazing yellow jumpsuit when the Wonder Girls are just out and about getting brunch on an ordinary day. What?! I love it. Imagine what she might wear doing even more ordinary things, like taking out the garbage or making a coffee run. Must find out more...

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