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Fashion Follows Yoochun
Chaos Under Control
You Captured Me
Pretty Boy Power
Red Playground
Sapphire Pearls
One Pine Tree
Tokyo Bopper


When it started raining in episode 5, it started pouring here.

Family - Della Ding

Don't pull open the ribbon on the gift
At first it's filled with expectation, then it ends with corruption
Don't turn on the midnight radio station
Don't let the love song fool you again and again

And love didn't teach me how to survive
It only taught me to trade vanity for innocence
Yet love made us strangers
but couldn't change the nobler souls

Don't kiss me, just hold me
Don't love me, be my family instead
Lend me your hand one minute a day
Be my closest family
Not somebody's lover, somebody's somebody
Even if I'm all drenched
I will never be again led by the nose
If I'm still holding a fist
It could be I'm scared of my dream flying away

And love is not all powerful as you thought
It couldn't stop our fights
But love is not so merciful
The one who loves the deepest gets sacrificed the easiest

Don't kiss me, just hold me
Don't love me, be my family instead
Lend me your hand one minute a day
Allow me to keep dreaming my dream
Be the greatest smiling hero in my dream

lyrics via this blog (another version available at this blog)

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李健 Li Jian

I love this song by 李健 (Li Jian) ever since I heard it on Jing Boran's homepage. Back then, I couldn't figure out who it was by as I couldn't search for it in Chinese, but thanks to the lj community More Chinese Music I've rediscovered this great artist.

I love the little blurb that the maker of this fanvid posted so I will repost it here to inform you of the song:

A new attempt is recently made by me on home-making a music video unofficially dedicated to an award-winning song, 《風吹麥浪》("Feng Chui Mai Lang" as transliterated in Putonghua or "Rippling wheat flaps in the wind" as literally translated in English), which, one of the many smash hits by an emerging Chinese singer-songwriter, 李健(Li Jian), is highly acclaimed for its refreshing melody with musical arrangements as categorized and characterized by its prominence of merging different elements ranging from chill-out, country folk to soft rock for this popular song across China, the lyrics to which are also very well-received for its contents based on the singer's own recollections of a puppy love story with his girl friend under azure skies in the golden waves of wheat reaping for an annual harvest at the ready between late autumn and early winter, a recurring image and scenario inspired for this fairly sweet but somehow moody tune, which comes as a track from his studio album, 《想念你》("Xiang Nian Ni" as transliterated in Putonghua or literally translated as "Missing You" in English), which was released back in 2007 in China.

And here is a Babelfish translation of the lyrics (a machine translations are funny and cute):

Wheat blowing in breeze

Under the distant place deep blue sky
is surging the golden color wheat blowing in breeze
once was you and I
has loved in there the place,
when the micro wind has the flavor which harvests
to blow to my facial cast
remembers your gentle words
once to moisten my eye socket
We once sang in the field in the winter
to hope that
actually has not been able to wait till under the sunlight
this autumn's picture
to let the separate pledge dance in the air
flutters along with the westerly wind
looks like your soft long hair
to be once fragrant
my dreamland

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Gu Hye-Sun

Gu Hye-Sun is my new role model now that I've discovered her truly independant and unique nature by reading this article on Dramabeans: "Jack-of-all-trades Gu Hye-sun's secret: 'I'm a workaholic.'". As the pretty and kooky lead Geum Jandi on last year's hit k-drama Boys over Flowers, she won Hallyu fans all over the world.

Despite criticisms of Gu Hye-Sun's weird acting or any prejudice towards her ulzzang beginnings, her whole career thus far has demonstrated her strong will.
1. She got a scholarship to study at university and reached no.1 in her department, but quit to join the show Nonstop.
2. She trained to be a singer, but made her name as an actress.
3. She became well-known as Geum Jandi, but went on to direct her own film, release her own music, exhibit her illustrations, and write a novel.

It was truly amazing to read about Gu Hye-Sun's accomplishments so far, all driven by her own ideas and her hard work. I really had a paradigm shift. I hope Gu Hye-Sun will continue to be an independant spirit and a true idol.

Gu Hye-sun, actress, author, director, painter, composer
Goo Hye Sun Talks About Her Musical Album “Breathe”

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It's so great to see U-know Yunho on stage and on form again! He's finally gotten this chance to really shine in his solo singing and dancing. His dancing is phenomenal. And even though this is a tribute concert to Michael Jackson, it's obviously a huge moment in Yunho's career. I still can't believe it's really his voice though... and I'm psyched that 2min (Changmin and Minho) came to see him.

Yunho, let's meet in London!

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The HanShake Dance

Continueing in the vein of the lost boys of Kpop, here's Hankyung popping up in LA to name his own milkshake at the 'Millions of Milkshakes' restaurant. You absolutely have to watch the press video of this- he looks so happy and so dorky. Hankyung's X-factor is definitely a mysterious something. You don't know why it works, but it does.

~ Keep smiling ~

ETA: PS this hilariouz photoshooot from Hankyung in LA

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Nothing on Jay

How can I not post this... It's awesome how Jay has, as he says it, turned a negative into a positive. The fact that this song (B.O.B.'s Nothin' on You) has reached no. 1 on Korean online charts over all the other hyped releases just shows that Jay's Hottests want positive action too.

This video is so feel-good in the face of all that drama, I just can't help but smile.

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Please Stop Time

~ Miss these boys so much! Just before this video was released I was thinking about how sometimes, in the middle of all the magazine shoots and individual projects and schedule updates, I still LIKE Dong Bang Shin Ki but I forget why I LOVE them. And then a song, a performance, a video can bring back what this fandom and this loyalty and this gratitude is all about.

Toki wo Tomete — Please Stop Time

Like they are hurrying away, the summer’s constellations
Lean between the buildings and hide away
The days that pass us by
Sometimes, even little tiny things make me want to cry

That store that you said you wanted to go to so long ago
It’s already gone now, but
Every day, the two of us
We believed that our love would never end

I want to stop time, and stay next to you forever
I want to hold you even more
While remembering every single thing about you
I had faith in only forever

I want to stop time, and stay next to you forever
I look up at the sky, and wish with all my heart
One by one, I link together the glistening starts
And I ended up looking for the shape of you

I want to stop time, and stay next to you forever
I want to hold you even more
While remembering every single thing about you
I had faith in only forever

video via SharingYoochun, lyrics via DBSKnights

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Shining Shinee

In a little under a week I've become a super Shinee fan! It's crazy! I blame Yoogeun. In any case I've now watched almost every variety show they've starred in (as a group) and already collected a harddrive's worth of pictures... you know the drill.

I'm even more obsessed with their outfits (since debut to now) than before and how they are matched to each other. The concepts are awesome! I bow to their coordis, seriously. The outfits endlessly vary on all kinds of themes, and somehow always keep it very Shinee style- graphic, young and energetic. I like the fact that their image is very conservative, since they almost always wear closed-neck shirts. I guess it has to do with the fact that they are young.

So, expect more from me about Shinee...


Best Selection

Omo! I was so surprised by these pictures of Dong Bang Shin Ki from Non-no magazine. They worked with Ninagawa Mika again which is awesome because she's a world-renowned photographer (I love her work with Celine in 2007). It's great to see that everyone DBSK work with support them so much, on their blogs, and promoting them in other ways. They have so many blessings from their colleagues, which both raises their profile and shows us their true image. I love it!

Anyway... :)
The point with this article is the concept 'Best Selection' album and it's cool how different songs have been translated to each photo. Of course, my favorite is Yoochun's Begin. But I also love Yunjae's flower boys power, Changmin's new friend and Junsu's disco fever. Dong Bang fighting!

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In the end, he came

Pretending it's not (partly) about sex is one of the things I find hilarious and fascinating about pop culture. I do love a good double entendre.

If you only see one film this year... make it Tom Ford's A Single Man. The score is amazing too.

"The banal grid of his daily routine is spread through with many of these ambrosial flourishes—moments of lush, transparent beauty thriving amidst looming morbidity."

This film will make you sure.


Autumn's Concerto

Attempting to prevent myself from overdosing on K-variety, K-drama and K-pop (and the drama that goes with it) I started watching Autumn's Concerto ft. Vanness Wu tonight. I already heard a lot of good things about this drama and I'm also a Vanness fan since he is so... weird.

Immediately the first episode reminded me of tons of plot... stuff from the only other Taiwanese drama I ever watched, the lauded Mars. Which is totally a good thing, since that is an excellent show! Autumn Concerto is from the first episode funny and dramatic- I can't wait to watch the rest of it.

The only thing is, they sure look old for university students...

Here's an awesome first episode summary (total LOLs)
Here's a cool interview about Vanness' new self
Here's a hilarious article comparing Jerry and Vanness' hairstyles

You can watch the show subbed by SUBlime (as plugged by V.Dubb himself!)

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Forever More

Sometimes I'll come across a performance that I just can't help listening to over and over again. When there are doubts and arguments about the validity of idol culture and the banality of fandom, there are songs like this that make us believers. At least, the fact that it moved me can't be denied.

Onew-sshi is my junior but I respect him so much.

God only knows, what a heart can survive

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Singers will never betray their fans.

If you support 2PM, you also have to support Jay.

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Now that I've finally gotten around to mentioning the film Paju... I watched it at the IFFR and I really loved it (no bias! I swear!). The beautiful winteryness, the way the story had no right or wrong outcome, and of course the leading lady. It was a moving and thoughtful film.

Here's a great review by (bottom of the page).

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Hallyu Waaaave

Korean entertainment close to home:

1. Paju opened at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam and it was reported that the lead, Lee Seon-gyun, was also present (with the director Park Chan-ok and costar Seo Woo) at the opening. For K-drama fans, Lee Seon-gyun plays Choi Han-sung in The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince. And he was here! And I didn't know! And I love Coffee Prince! *smacks self* I could've taken a picture or something...

2. I was listening to BBC World Service a while back and one report mentioned the Seoul Music Awards. The reporter called a journalist from the the Korea Herald, who stated that SNSD won the main award of the evening. Then when she was asked to name some of the 'highlights' of the evening, she just rattled off a huge list of K-pop stars (who were in attendance). Some report. Well, at least they played a little bit of SNSD's Oh!.

(why does SNSD always wear so little clothes? I really like them but in a recent endorsement I'm uncomfortable to look at them- they were wearing really small white outfits and then BIG PICTURES)

3. I was sitting in the metro last week and a white girl came and sat across from me (in a relatively empty carriage) and started playing Super Junior's Sorry Sorry really loudly on her mp3. It was all I could do to stop myself from laughing out loud. Should I have said something, like 'which SJ member is your favorite?' Or maybe 'I prefer Neorago/It's You.' Lol, I could have made an E.L.F. friend! Next time.

4. Taeyang's Wedding Dress was on FunX's X-tips chart last year but I've still heart it being mentioned in the weekend countdown on the station. Now I just hope they'll play it one day!

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