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exploring fandom and doing my spazzing exercises :) hope to the end

Fashion Follows Yoochun
Chaos Under Control
You Captured Me
Pretty Boy Power
Red Playground
Sapphire Pearls
One Pine Tree
Tokyo Bopper

Brothers were Brave

Excellent. I smiled so much!

Comeback! Comeback! Comeback!

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I want to ride my bicycle

I dieeeee. Apparently these are Onkey's bikes:

And here's Key riding his! So cute!

You know I am a huge fan of Onew + his bike (or boys + bikes in general, lol) so I just love this SO much! Thank you fangirls :D

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Onew in R. Newbold?

I spotted what looked like a familiar t-shirt in June's issue of Men's Non-no magazine.

Firstly it took me centuriiiiiees to find back the picture of Onew wearing said t-shirt, until if finally turned up on Tumblr feed, and then I used the watermark to locate the place it was taken and found some more pics (Music Bank rehearsal on 091007) at Weareshining.

However, I was disappointed to find the two shirts are not exactly alike although very similar. It's still possible that Onew's t is by R. Newbold seeing as it's a high-end brand popular in Japan. I really like Onew's off-duty style since it's clean-cut and he looks good in it ;)

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Key Wardrobe

I love these two denim jackets SHINee's Key wore to recent events. The collar seems to have a padded effect, maybe like a hood zipped into it? Key is always stylin'.

ETA: both jackets are by JoyRich (pink one as seen on BigBang's GD here)



Seungho loses his composure once more while Lee Joon sneakily steals the spotlight again (with his Jun Pyo hairstyle, lol!)...

Looking at MBLAQ photoshoots always makes me smile since it reminds me of how absolutely crazy these five are, as I learned from watching them on Idol Army. That show made me laugh so hard!

I didn't really like Cheondoong on the show because he was weird and tense, and Mir is like the insane country bumpkin who screams every time he sees a car, and yet, and yet... in the photoshoots these two juniors with their high-fashion deadpan expressions look the most chic.

I love everything Cheondoong is wearing in these pictures. Jealoussss!

Like I said, Mir's split personality from his 'baby Chucky' side to his elegant side is quite amazing. And I am really happy about the men's shorts trend (! remember Junsu in SMART magazine last month). GO looks good in a natural way.

Cheondoong's outfit is soooo lovely. But my favorite will always be Seungho - I guess I love fail? Haha! I think MBLAQ have a lot of potential since they each have so much energy and personality. It would be great if their music and concepts would actually start showcasing it!!!

pics via Youcapturedme and Omona

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Onew's advice

I love this message from Onew:

For those women who go on a diet to lose some fat, honestly, boys like girls who have average bodies and arent VERY skinny. did u know that? if i see someone really skinny, i get anxious and want to feed her! Is it because i like food alot? But i would rather like someone who enjoys food a lot than a person who doesnt eat much eat three constant meals a day and exercise a lot to make a healthy body, which is best to see. okay? so from now on, be healthy! promise!" :3

via Shining Shinee World

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Wedding Dress

My Dutch friend T and I were driving downtown to go shopping this afternoon and on her mix CD she had Taeyang's Wedding Dress. She didn't even know it was Korean or Big Bang's Taeyang or Kpop or anything like that, she just liked the song after hearing it on FunX. It was awesome driving in the sunshine listening to this great tune.

Thanks Taeyang for bringing Korean music to Holland :D

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Let's BOBO

Oh haiii

Via Cfensi comes the news of Bobo's second album and... it's not even full-length. However, their new single Let's Bobo has all the enjoyable features of a summer release: easy to sing along, energetic, cheerful and forgetable. Although the song is thus nothing to write home about, the video has a lovely local charm (where is it filmed?) and homegrown feel that is part of Bobo's (and EE Media's ) appeal.

It's summer, enjoy!

ps. reminds me that I have a folder full of Bobo pictures yet to share on this blog...

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Happy Birthday Park Yoochun

Happy Birthday oppa ~ Thank you for everything!

Regardless of the circumstance we will smile with happiness upon seeing you, this is more precious than anything

and some sweet birthday greetings from SharingYoochun...

Annyeong ~

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