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Fashion Follows Yoochun
Chaos Under Control
You Captured Me
Pretty Boy Power
Red Playground
Sapphire Pearls
One Pine Tree
Tokyo Bopper

Onew Style

I've been bitten by the id'ing bug too- trying to identify what idols are wearing onstage and off. Lately I've been lucky and accidentally id'd three of SHINee's Onew's clothes! Awesome!!

Lol, my collage makes it look like the male model has lady's legs...

On the 9th of this month Onew wore dip-dye acid wash jeans by Cheap Monday. I recognized them because they are so unique. He also wore a denim jacket by Religion, and a t-shirt from Bape's Baby Milo range.

Then on the 13th Onew wore a pair of lace-up jeans by Cheap Monday. Again, I remembered this pair since they are so... unique, haha. It wouldn't surprise me if the rest of SHINee are wearing more standard jeans from Cheap Monday too, since they are soooo tight. Since SHINee often share the same clothes for different events, I've seen Key wearing this model as well.

Outfit id'ing is such a time-consuming hobby, but when you get the id, it's fun!

all pics from the linked websites and via Shining Shinee World.

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Ayyy Girl

Yay! Maybe-baby are Dong Bang Shin Ki fans, too! One of their products is named Ayyy, Girl. I always did think their company name is like Benefit's perfume 'Maybe Baby' which Yoochun once described as his favorite perfume. Far fetched? I don't think so :P


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Hit Your Heart

Once I made a playlist of Kpop girl group mvs to dance around to, but I also sat down and watched the clips through. Most of them were standard cute, boring and wtf? However, 4minute's Muzik and Hot Issue really impressed me with the great production and style of their videos.

Since the release of HuH and IMMM this year I've become a big fan thanks to their awesome military-inspired concept! I love the variety of styling they've come up with in these promotions. It has a great urban, sophisticated vibe while the khaki and fatigues give it a tough edge.

And... I'm having trouble picking a favorite member because they are all charming, but I'm leaning towards Jiyoon because she is naturally boyishly cute and she has a awesome huge voice.

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Prince Shim

Wow, I have so many DBSK bookmarks and I've only managed to go through a few ><. For now, a few unforgettable quotes from Prince Shim Changmin his royal self.

Toki wo tomete
You cant actually Toki wo tomete~ (stop time) HaHa
So try your best to not regret~

When asked what animals they like, Changmin replied dogs, but actually he was referring to his own dogs as he has no interest in other dogs (laughs).

Changmin, Agrees that he's a narcissist!!?
- What animal do you like?
hmm… a deer. It has a long neck and the body line is really pretty.
- That seems to be what you want to be praised about
Puh!… yes that is true *laughs* I like my long neck.

Changmin: For me the only time I couldn’t see anything around me was only my first love. After that I’m calm. At least not so into her to the point it effects my work. Only my first love was um… I was crazed about falling in love *laughs bitterly*

Changmin: I choose “Beautiful you”. I have a lot of memories for that song so I picked it as the members choice.


Juri + Eita

I'm just going through my links and saw some on Juri Ueno and Eita. Ever since Nodame Cantabile, I love the way they are not romantically linked in their productions or in the public eye, but work together synergistically to set off each other's qualities. It's no wonder they are known as the "Golden Couple of the Heitei Era".

I always love watching these two.

Pics from here, here and somewhere.

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