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Tokyo Bopper

Fashion is Fun

I still read more fashion blogs than pop blogs and I love it when the two kind of meet.

Is Mental highlights Yama from TokyoBopper
, whose style I adooooore. So original and personal- her dress sense has like a 'Yama code'.

I don't want to suggest that, even as a girl, I'm meriting women on their looks and style all the time. I hope it's like their appearance makes me perceive the kind of personality they are which appeals to me. Style SAYS something.

Picked Pics (one of my favorite blogs because it's smart, good-looking and unpretentious) mentions the style influence of Kpop bands.

Asian Models Blog is always good, like with this Emma Pei for Vogue China editorial. Emma Pei's unique way makes her my favorite Chinese model, no doubt.