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JYJ take the USA!

JYJ's recent short showcase tour in the USA has been super encouraging, demonstrating the amount of fan support they've got and that their talent and work ethic still charm everyone who works with them the world over. I love this performance for MTV K for showing off their live talent (so much better than that weird video...) and of course a little bit of charisma :)

Junsu's voice is just getting better and better (he's starting to look more like his brother too imo). I love (love love!) what they have all been wearing during this showcase- a kind of 'anno-nu' sophisticated glam rock, which is unexpected and has the potential to be tacky, but so perfectly executed that it looks like $$$.

Yoochun is wearing an awesome long sweater in this shoot that I am super jealous of, and is it just me or did he change his eyebrows since about a year ago? ♥

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SHINee World!

I loooooooooooooove it! I'm glad every time SHINee's style is like an evolution of their trend-making 'SHINee style' they debuted with. Combining an eye-catching use of color with urban fashion and an artistic sense, it's truly unique and amazing. SHINee Wooooooooooooorld!



I love 4minute's "Goddess", Nam Jihyun for her sweet personality, girly style, and long long hair. She's about to make her acting debut on It's ok, Daddy's daughter and this outfit she wore to the press conference is so perfect.

The camel color is so on-trend and sophisticated along with the matching killer shoes, while the white shirt, with fluted sleeves for softness and high collar for formality, lends the outfit a young girl's naivete. Of course the mini-skirt is a kpop celeb's standard length, and in this outfit it's chic instead of tacky. Then there's the awesome details of metal rings on her dress for edgy-ness and a cameo brooch at her neck as the "point". And the finishing touch must be her famous hair in a beautifully undone french braid. The more I see of 4minute's style, the more I love it.

photos from 4minute-girls tumblr

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November 15th

November 15th (my birthday)
by Nothing's carved in stone

Even if I
saw the future
Would I know what
to do when it became clear

And I breathe
it's so damn
dry it makes me
I don't have the
strength to stop myself
gone too far this time
hear the music calling

Don't fear a new day
there is hope in what is unknown, don't give up yet
my once dried-up, weakened, emotion are overflowing
sunset, night, it's always followed by a new day
November 15th
I need your bright light

Dry, my withering heart
outside a car passes by
wonder where
that same old place
I keep coming back
I'm searching my own way
still searching now

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Onew's Cardigan

I found this super cute cardigan over at Sosoilgi and recognized it straight away as the cardigan SHINee's Onew wore on Hello Baby at the beginning of this year. I love this cardigan! It combines all my favorite elements: patchwork, knit, and shawl collars. Sweet.

(I think Sosoilgi's might be a close imitation- I don't know who Onew's cardigan is actually by.) Looking through episode three for a good image of Onew's cardigan reminded me how much I LOVED their style on that show and how I came to like SHINee to begin with :)

Seriously, if anyone can id the toggle coat Onew wore in episode one, I will love you forever. But you'll have to share that love with SHINee's wardrobe.

Check out this hilarious diary entry Onew wrote for episode three:

Yoogeun said "No!" I made well-being food worthy of a super ultra sensational culture shock but after eating the rice and eggs, he promptly erased me from his memory. I guess I'll just put him to sleep in the bed I bought him. Oh. I also held Yoogeun today. He didn't was a decent day.

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Portrait of Youth

I'm not sure which genius decided to turn the BTS photos from 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' of Yoochun into a photobook, but I sure am glad they did! It's such a sweet and simple series of portraits, plus Yoochun can be so funny. I miss this natural side! And I totally mean to watch this show when I have time.

all pics via SharingYoochun

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