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The Sure Thing

I just watched The Sure Thing featuring John Cusack and Daphne Zuniga and was surprised by how good it is. Straightforward but entertaining all the way through, this movie hasn't become dated in the way of other 80's teen flicks (although that has its charms too) and I desperately want both of the lead characters' clothes. In her first scene, Alison is briefly seen in a lilac sweater and lilac/cream long skirt. I have a lilac sweater, but I never look that good!

Check out Alison's awesome Navajo-style pullover sweater. I love it in movies when characters actually wear the clothes a number of times instead of each thing once. Although I'm sure I have enough clothes to furnish multiple cast members for a whole film... I'm also really into the rugby-type shirts Gib wears a couple of times, even though they probably don't play rugby.

The totally natural use of turtleneck shirts under their sweaters (and plaid scarves seem to be a must) is refreshing since I personally really like turtlenecks, but almost nooooo one wears them nowadays. Alison's baby blue and burgundy combination is lovely. She also has these sweet mittens that go with everything.

Gib's grey marl sweatpants seem like the kind of thing vintage sportswear lovers would geek out over, since they actually seem to be cut pretty well and not crazy baggy or tight, which seem to be the two options nowadays. I've been looking for a pair like that myself.

How cuuuuuute is Alison's mohair beanie and how woooonderful is her pink and purple chevron sweater?!! Is it woven?!!! And although Nina Garcia claims that pearls should never be worn in a 'precious' way, they still look pretty great on Alison in this traditional way.

I'm really crazy about Gib's parachute/cargo pants and, yet again, would love to have them myself. It complements all this trad New England style nicely. I think the tapered ankle keeps them more on the sporty side and less messy.

Last but not least can you believe John Cusack was only seventeen when he made this movie? SEVENTEEEEEN? I was wondering why he still had such a baby face. It's because he was seventeen, everybody. Geeeez!

All screencaps from Modern Girls Movie fansite.

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Happy New Secret

Secret look so cute in their new 50's concept- I'm really happy to see a girlband concept that is not overly sexy but fun and sophisticated. Love their shoes!

Happy New Year!

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