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Han Geng, We Support You

It seems like every time I go away, something happens in my fandoms. Hankyung's petition to terminate his contract with SM Entertainment is a complete surprise and yet, completely understandable. When I read his six reasons for the petition, the only conclusion I can reach is to support his action. As a pan-Asia idol and a leading figure in SME (just like Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu of Dong Bang Shin Ki), he could lose a lot but he also stands to gain much, much more. 

The way I see it, Hankyung is one of SM Entertainment's most popular and successful stars at the moment. Besides this, he is one of the leaders of Super Junior, a sunbae amongs the company's idols, and one of the foremost role models in popular Asian youth culture today (as many articles have pointed out). Thus, for him to have been abused by SM Entertainment until now in this way is not only an unimaginable feat of endurance on his part and a violation of his most basic rights, but downright disrespectful of his position as a role model and an insult to the fans that look up to him.

As such, for Hankyung to have continued working under the conditions set by SM Entertainment would not only have been dangerous for his own health but out of line with his character: Hankyung's bright and hardworking image is a result of his actual personality. I don't think he  could stand by and let his members suffer with him and lie to his fans about his life. Hankyung is standing for what he truly represents.

Han Geng, We Support You.

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