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Without a Heart

Haha, this might just become a video-sharing blog ^^

I LOVE 8eight - they are an awesome and unique Kpop ballad band with a really consistently high standard. So cool and funny to see them perform here with 2AM. How come every time I get into a new band the maknae always catches my eye? Am I a cradlerobber?! Lol..

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Adam couple

Jokwon is hee-la-ri-ous (on this episode of Star King from earlier this month). I love Ga-in too because she is so fierce. I really have to start watching their episodes of We Got Married! Last year's WGM was so good but I haven't really had time for it this year.

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Stalking Yoochun's Style

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Feels like there's something to look forward to again in the DBSK fandom ^^ Micky Yoochun's style is always soooo good! In another recent stalking, he's wearing an army green peacoat, which coincidentally I also saw on a looker at the supermarket recently and now I want one XD

Yoochun wore this style of super-long scarf last winter too~ maybe I will repost the bit I wrote about that back then. It's so cool.

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Jaebeom come baaaack

I have to admit I didn't know or care too much about Jay's (temporary) absence from 2PM but now that I've reached episode 7 of Wild Bunny and discovered that episode 8 was not aired due to his departure, I'm like nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

The whole series was funny, but the final 'be a couch potato' challenge really speaks to me, lol. They even used a scene from Hotaru no Hikari to illustrate a 'couch potato'! How could I not love it.

I think the show is interesting because it expressly targets the meaning of being an idol, albeit in a tongue-in-cheek fashion, and it's so funny because even the staff are having a great time. The production team's support for Jay after he left suggests something of the type of guys 2PM are (becoming).

Until Jay comes back, let's keep supporting 2PM!

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Wild Bunny

My friend P recommended 2PM's Wild Bunny to me and it is just too, too funny. It's completely silly and not about anything which is just the sort of entertainment I'm looking for these days.

I never appreciated the reality-show as a way of getting to know idol group's members until now. Why, why does Nickhun always dress so cutely? Personally, though, I'm more into Taecyeon's "traffic light" fashion: No one else can dress like Taecyeon and still look good.

The writer noona who keeps telling Junsu 'Don't touch me, I'll get anti-fans' is so hilarious too. Her comments and constant popping-up in scenes are too funny!

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"Love and Beauty Recipe"

Happy New Year :)

As I've mentioned before I love DBSK's feature in Ray magazine, Love and Beauty Recipe. Their styling is nice, and I was glad to find a few older ones to add to my collection. Yoochun's hair changes so much!

Not only does it look nice but from the translations I've read the feature itself is cute and interesting too. I wish I could collect the recipes as well!

They're all kind of cheesy but that's why I like them ^^ and also I personally want to wear all these clothes... Ray magazine does a great job of targeting my demographic I guess!

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Babies holding even smaller babies. Cuuuuuuute.

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Rainie & love ♥

Wow, I LOVE this cover image. One of my friends is a big fan of Rainie (such a sweet name!). I'll try listening to this when I have time.

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I don't care if you're a man or an alien... *

I watched DBSK's Dating on Earth yesterday morning when I woke up and I enjoyed it a lot :) It's straightforward, cute and engaging. It's much better than the Banjun Dramas and surprisingly thoughtful.

*dies* Of course putting Micky Yoochun in the lead role is one of the reasons I enjoyed this... I think the casting was pretty good because at that time he was one of the more charismatic members, although now all of them are leading man material.

Using all new DBSK songs as the soundtrack kind of threw me off, and although they worked fine, I would have preferred it if they had used more of their songs from that time. There were a few I didn't recognize...

The relationship between Yoochun and his wife is really nice to watch, instead of awkward and contrived as I had kind of expected it from the synopsis. It was a sweet surprise :) And I love the ending!

* appropriated from The 1st shop of Coffee Prince, lol!

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New Year's Resolution: Be Healthier!

This MBLAQ video about healthy lifestyles is so funny! After watching it yesterday, the whole day today I had a voiceover in my head saying: 'The healthy person will take the stairs', etc. It's great advice!

Also how cool does their Oh Yeah dance look without those stupid stage clothes. The song is still lame though.

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We are the Future

I saw an interesting interview with Ray Kurzweil the futurologist where he discussed his different influences, among them the Beatles. He said it was noteworthy how 'the mob' had somehow chosen to be hysterical about a band that actually had the talent to be worth the hysteria. Now I wonder if DBSK is just the product of strong marketing but I think these last six years have proven that they transcend hype.

An intrigueing thing about fandom is the sheer force that is involved in it. How many girls and women (and, ok, men too) invest their energy into the following of the band and the production of fan material? How can we harness the collective exponential energy of these young women for good?!! I say it tongue-in-cheek, but I really do wonder...

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