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After only a month Ninja Assassin is playing its last week here in the Netherlands. And since I promised myself to go see it, I did! Even though it was only playing at 23:15 and we had to go through the endless rain to get to (and from) the cinema. It did put us in the mood of the film, haha.

I'd have to agree with a review I read that this is mostly a film to watch for fun, as in bloody-ninja-action fun. Although Rain is not a martial arts star his casting is excellent. However, the character that impressed me the most was Naomi Harris as Mika: everything about her was believable, from her drive in her work, to her little vanity when she gave her size to Raizo, to her fear and strength in fighting the ninjas and of course her intelligence in saving the day. Frankly she's the real star of the (admittedly meagre) story. Besides all that, her natural appeal like the way her hair curls after the shower is really great.

The first half of the film moved slowly but it's ok because the casting here was pretty good too, with Kiriko's healthy young beauty mirroring her spirit. I like the way that Raizo is only himself- a man, but also a killer.

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