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Demon Teuk

Sometimes I wish Leeteuk from Super Junior would show more of his 'charisima', his edgy side (like during Don't Don) and be a more wild person. His energetic mc'ing and cool acting are testament to these sides of his personality. I love his greasy character in the parody Goong T when Heechul (in a star Heechul turn as a court lady) says of him 'Oh, he's so greasy- just my type.'

But then I see him in his neat little outfits on Sukira's Kiss the Radio program and remember that it's his niceness that really attracts people, and that his warmth in interacting with others is always impressive.

Even when their stylists give him a weird outfit to group performances (like they always do with the smaller members- it's like they don't know how to dress shorter guys) he's the one that's working so hard to make a show succeed. I like looking for his concentration when the thirteen members are dancing all over the stage.

And despite his lonely and sad Cyworld admissions, Leeteuk always has a moment for all his members- he's not awkward with any of them. No wonder his fans call him AngelTeuk. ♥