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Fashion Follows Yoochun
Chaos Under Control
You Captured Me
Pretty Boy Power
Red Playground
Sapphire Pearls
One Pine Tree
Tokyo Bopper

European Holiday

I haven't really had a chance to go on vacation this year, and the summer has been pretty rainy. However, I saw that a lot of Korean retail sites went to Europe this year! So here are some lovely pictures from Prague, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and France.

All pictures from Pighip, Tsumori and Cherrykoko.

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oh hi tharr

Eyyyyyyyy ;)

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From Brown Eyed Girl's Son Ga-in's legendary legs...

To After School's goddess Park Gahee...

To 4minute's ultrachic 'Gangnam Girl' Seo Gayoon...

Three amazing girls with the X-factor body and bold personalities. These are seriously some of the sexiest individuals in Kpop.

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Lavender Memories

Last week I watched a handful of Cantonese romantic (comedy) movies: Lavender, Every Dog has its Date, Bakery Amour, Undercover Love, Undercover Love 2 and Drink Drank Drunk. All of them were enjoyable if you like that kind of genre, which, clearly, I do.

But actually what I want to say is, in light of recent developments in my RL, I've been thinking about how I've been overly using internet and fandom and pop culture as a form of escape. Of course, it's made for entertainment and for escapism, but if I use it as active procrastination- not even from working per se but from THINKING, anyway, it's not fair for me and for the entertainers right? When I think back about the past ten months I can remember the different shows I watched, the different pop topics that I followed, and the times I cried and laughed with the movies and the shows and the idols. But somewhere I just started using these things to avoid my RL issues, luxury issues as they may be. And because of this I think I both enjoy the entertainment less and I make the problems worse. Do I want my life back? It was boring to begin with. In fandom, I really do care for the idols and the ideals, but I need to care for myself first.

I'll still be here, but I'll try to be less serious ;)

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Teen Beat

Can't believe I'm actually writing a post about Zac & Vanessa but they are the only teen celeb couple I'm aware of because a) They're the MVP couple of billionaire teen celebs and b) they're both awesome. TOO CUTE.

source: this pic is on the first page if you google image search them.


okay onkey

I like Onkey ^^

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