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Little Puppet Boys

Shinee does it again with their stylistically simple but memorable shoot as puppeteers turned puppets for Dazed and confused magazine. The symbolism, however, is not lost on me.

via youcapturedme
more at omonayoudidn't

ETA: This photoshoot came with an amazing interview: here. These kids are unbelieveable. I should stop being so bitter!

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He looks like he should be in a boyband

After only a month Ninja Assassin is playing its last week here in the Netherlands. And since I promised myself to go see it, I did! Even though it was only playing at 23:15 and we had to go through the endless rain to get to (and from) the cinema. It did put us in the mood of the film, haha.

I'd have to agree with a review I read that this is mostly a film to watch for fun, as in bloody-ninja-action fun. Although Rain is not a martial arts star his casting is excellent. However, the character that impressed me the most was Naomi Harris as Mika: everything about her was believable, from her drive in her work, to her little vanity when she gave her size to Raizo, to her fear and strength in fighting the ninjas and of course her intelligence in saving the day. Frankly she's the real star of the (admittedly meagre) story. Besides all that, her natural appeal like the way her hair curls after the shower is really great.

The first half of the film moved slowly but it's ok because the casting here was pretty good too, with Kiriko's healthy young beauty mirroring her spirit. I like the way that Raizo is only himself- a man, but also a killer.

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Faith can move Mountains

The two of us met by chance
I want to call it a miracle, this feeling

Even though I'm still following Dong Bang Shin Ki every day, watching them come through the airports home to Korea on Christmas just like last year, lately it doesn't feel the same as before. It's strange to say, but I think all the fans "miss" them.

I hope that 2010 will bring them together again. That they'll come through the airport all five. And we can see their true feeling of being DBSK on stage.

Happy 6th Anniversary to DBSK: Youngwoong Jaejoong, U-know Yunho, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu and Choikang Changmin. Thank you!

I've seen dreams that move the mountains
Hope that doesn't ever end
Even when the sky is falling
And I've seen miracles just happen
Silent prayers get answered
Broken hearts become brand new
That's what faith can do

(a fan's love post)

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Han Geng, We Support You

It seems like every time I go away, something happens in my fandoms. Hankyung's petition to terminate his contract with SM Entertainment is a complete surprise and yet, completely understandable. When I read his six reasons for the petition, the only conclusion I can reach is to support his action. As a pan-Asia idol and a leading figure in SME (just like Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu of Dong Bang Shin Ki), he could lose a lot but he also stands to gain much, much more. 

The way I see it, Hankyung is one of SM Entertainment's most popular and successful stars at the moment. Besides this, he is one of the leaders of Super Junior, a sunbae amongs the company's idols, and one of the foremost role models in popular Asian youth culture today (as many articles have pointed out). Thus, for him to have been abused by SM Entertainment until now in this way is not only an unimaginable feat of endurance on his part and a violation of his most basic rights, but downright disrespectful of his position as a role model and an insult to the fans that look up to him.

As such, for Hankyung to have continued working under the conditions set by SM Entertainment would not only have been dangerous for his own health but out of line with his character: Hankyung's bright and hardworking image is a result of his actual personality. I don't think he  could stand by and let his members suffer with him and lie to his fans about his life. Hankyung is standing for what he truly represents.

Han Geng, We Support You.

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Bonjour messieurs!

I'm going to Paris! Although it's wintertime now (and such a cold one at that) and DBSK went to Paris in the summer, I'll be sure to enjoy my trip extra by thinking of DBSK standing where I'm standing, walking where I'm walking, and making my friends do poses imitating their photobook.

Dong Bang Shin Ki's Bonjour Paris photobook and the accompanying behind-the-scenes video were how I got to 'know' their personalities and become a fan, so I'm definitely very excited to make this trip!

The only places I've definitely recognized on their visit are the very famous ones- Pont Neuf, the Louvre, Sacre Coeur, etc. And I think Micky Yoochun visits the Centre Pompidou in Les Parisiennes.



Caffeine Addiction

It's fitting that my 100th post here is about something that touched me so much- the 2007 Korean drama The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince. In the past I haven't had much luck with K-dramas as they were just too exaggerated for me so I approached Coffee Prince with caution, and I was taken completely by surprise by the amazingness of this show. The story of Hankyul and Eunchan falling in love and opening their lives had, by the last episode, moved me to tears. I have so much I want to say about it, but where to start...


Demon Teuk

Sometimes I wish Leeteuk from Super Junior would show more of his 'charisima', his edgy side (like during Don't Don) and be a more wild person. His energetic mc'ing and cool acting are testament to these sides of his personality. I love his greasy character in the parody Goong T when Heechul (in a star Heechul turn as a court lady) says of him 'Oh, he's so greasy- just my type.'

But then I see him in his neat little outfits on Sukira's Kiss the Radio program and remember that it's his niceness that really attracts people, and that his warmth in interacting with others is always impressive.

Even when their stylists give him a weird outfit to group performances (like they always do with the smaller members- it's like they don't know how to dress shorter guys) he's the one that's working so hard to make a show succeed. I like looking for his concentration when the thirteen members are dancing all over the stage.

And despite his lonely and sad Cyworld admissions, Leeteuk always has a moment for all his members- he's not awkward with any of them. No wonder his fans call him AngelTeuk. ♥


Fashion is Fun

I still read more fashion blogs than pop blogs and I love it when the two kind of meet.

Is Mental highlights Yama from TokyoBopper
, whose style I adooooore. So original and personal- her dress sense has like a 'Yama code'.

I don't want to suggest that, even as a girl, I'm meriting women on their looks and style all the time. I hope it's like their appearance makes me perceive the kind of personality they are which appeals to me. Style SAYS something.

Picked Pics (one of my favorite blogs because it's smart, good-looking and unpretentious) mentions the style influence of Kpop bands.

Asian Models Blog is always good, like with this Emma Pei for Vogue China editorial. Emma Pei's unique way makes her my favorite Chinese model, no doubt.


Girls on Top

Studying is kind of breaking my brain right now so a beautiful respite is welcome: here are two different girls, representing SM's ideals of the female idol if you will.

First up is Amber Lui from f(x), the kid famous for her tomboy style. I definitely love seeing the way their stylists keep trying to walk the line between feminine and masculine looks for her. This pic from a recent issue of Elle is one of her best expressing this duality.

I just wish that we could see her face more and that fangirls would not perv on her so much, although the hype is part of what makes her intrigueing. She's only 17 though! I don't like f(x), but I hope Amber will keep up her authentic-feeling persona. It's cool.

Go Ara (sweet name) is also only 19! Geez I feel old. From what I've seen of Heading To The Ground she's a good comedic actress and definitely not a newbie. She's got a classic look but with a surprising amount of allure, and memorable eyes.

Awesome banana hat, heh. Go Ara also did the beguiling spoken part at the beginning of DBSK's atmospheric Love Bye Love. Gotta keep an eye on these two girls...

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Oh Boy Minho!

If you love lovely pictures like me (seriously- I just got into fandom for the photos, jk!) you must love youcapturedme, possibly one of the most prolific English language sites on random kpop editorials and performances with an emphasis on YG acts. It's nice to browse indiscriminately through the giant picture posts (a good 'word-to-picture' ratio, as the blogger from saystheasianleprechaun used to say about the sartorialist).

This time I was touched by Minho from Shinee's Oh Boy magazine shoot. His photos are more artful than idol-style and his aura is really interesting. Like I said before, he's definitely one to watch!

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Aiya Ayase

Ayase Haruka is such a cutie and at the same time also soooo hot! I noticed she seems to have been on the cover of just about every Japanese magazine out there so her appeal is very wide. Lots of gravure models (in fact most) are sweet and sexy but Ayase definitely has star quality besides her beauty. She's a great dramatic and comedic acting talent too. And her cuteness is totally real, not put-on, which I think is the most attractive of all.

All pictures (cropped by me) via Asianfanatics.

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