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After School

Going through my bookmarks I saw this shoot by After School for Singles magazine. It's nice to look at right now because it's raining outside but I wish it was a nice spring brunch feeling day like this...

I've only watched After School on MBLAQ's Idol Army but that was one of the best episodes so, I've got a weakness for After School :) Their single Because of You was really powerful and I was disappointed with their comeback Bang. With such strong characters among their members I feel like the style of Bang didn't do them justice.

For now, let's enjoy these lovely pictures ~~

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Kangta and Vanness are Scientists

Every time I see either of these covers:

I think of this cover:

Haha! I guess We Are Scientists must have a new album soon and that's why I've been seeing their promotions around. I like them and they are funny, but reading the tracklist of the new album reminds me of why I gave up on 'rock bands'. It is so much trouble trying to interpret lyrics and feeling obligated to remember song titles when the songs are usually nothing special. Now I prefer music I can't literally understand, but that I can understand according to my own ideas of what it sounds like. Having said that I do like After Hours and WAS in general a lot.

To conclude: I would be way more psyched if Kangta and Vanness released a new album together. Scandal is the first Kpop album I ever bought and it is seriously an evergreen.



Ever since I read that the online shopping mall Pighip is modelled for by the ulzzang Ban Yoon Hee, I've become more interested in its clothes. It's interesting how celebrity really sells! Before, I thought that Pighip was just nice and boring. But now, it's more like looking at lovely pictures of Ban Yoon Hee, like a fashion blog.

Luckily Ban Yoon Hee has a sweet and natural look, unlike many ulzzangs who are a little bit freaky. I love the photography on Pighip and that Ban Yoon Hee is also involved in the website design. Saying Banyoonhee many times is fun too :P

Pighip jjang :)

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Dance Dance Pop

Enjoying this bit of interview with SHINee by HMV Japan:

HMV: As a group, the center of music is dance pop but as private, what genres do you usually listen?
Minho: I’m pop and Hip-Hop.
Onew: I like R&B, Pop and Jazz.
HMV: What? Jazz? That is unexpected~
Onew: (Big Smile) I’m lying! The first was a joke~ no, it’s real~ I like jazz so I usually listen ^^
Jonghyun: I’m Punk and Dance.
Taemin: I don’t care about genres but I like K-Pop, New age, and I usually listen to J-Pop.
Key: I listen to Pop, electronic, Dance and J-pop.

(check out Minho and Key's awesome backpacks)

It's just like their off-duty style: even though I love their stage outfits and their highly stylized "dance-pop", sometimes their individual choices are more interesting. SHINee's streetstyle matches their music tastes too :D and I like it because I can totally relate to both.

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Dream Date

Max Changmin's charm says it all really ^^ I'm glad he has a chance to reveal them in his own manner now, just like Junsu with his new single promotions and just like we will hopefully see from all of DBSK.

The interview part about his diary is interesting and makes me think of writing one again- apparantly it's worth more than just embarrassing yourself in the future! Lol! And yet, this interview mostly reminds me he's just 22 ~ a kid like me, and finally with some room to grow naturally.

I can totally see Changmin as a new Takeshi Kaneshiro (except BETTER) - he definitely has what it takes! After all what kind of personality shows up so perfectly even at the airport :D Only Changmin.

pictures via omonatheydidn't and sharingyoochun


Break Away

Love this song.

I want to share what the uploader says too: "nice song and i love their vocals!
it' s hard to be a woman in asian countries (don' t even mention being popular or a star) to have curves. i think that they are very beautiful women."

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Onew Day

Some of Onew's pictures from the SHINee Day & Night photobooks.

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New A-B-O

I think it's pretty obvious that f(x) is developed to be a sort of a female version of SHINee, aka a 'contemporary' band. Unfortunately I didn't really like their style of fashion or music so far, but when I found out two of my favorite Korean fashion bloggers worked on the concept for their new mini-album coming out next week, I hope this is set to change.

Hong Sukwoo (aka yourboyhood) styled the girls and Hasisi Park photographed them.

It's nuts that teenage idols need adults from the indie scene to make them look cool so they can show the rest of the teenagers what's cool. But it's the oldest game in the industry and at least the artists are working with the idols instead of getting ripped off. I will take it where I can get it and keep an eye out on f(x)! Finally a cool band for girls!

ETA: K-world Style posted my tip on this topic :D I love that blog because it's hyper and friendly! So that's why I sent them my tip.

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Prada 2005

Just want to share some of the pictures saved on my computer. This Prada 2005 ad campaign is one of my favorites ever, in terms of concept but also largely due to nostalgia!

And a bonus pic from the menswear campaign of 2007 which includes a b&w version of my current dream sweater ~

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Dear Junsu

I'm crazy for XIAH Junsu's new photoshoot for ELLE Japan. Last week I just saw a quick preview of it, and I was surprised to see how well he suited this high-end artisanal style. "Reminds me of Dries van Noten or something by Lucas Ossendrijver" I said to myself. Who knew, I was right?

In DBSK Junsu sometimes looked awkward in their manly concepts like typical suits and such, but this solo project is using a soft but sensual style to bring out his own appeal. It's really showing a whole new side of Junsu.

Here's the interview Junsu did with ELLE Japan: XIAH Junsu- A Brand New Future
And a short one he did with BARKS: Junsu's Comments

I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone's shadows
If I fail, if I succeed
At least I live as I believe
No matter what they take from me
They can't take away my dignity
Because the greatest love of all
Is happening to me
I found the greatest love of all
Inside of me
The greatest love of all
Is easy to achieve
Learning to love yourself
It is the greatest love of all

All pictures via SharingYoochun