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Bobo Robots

I secretly love all of Bobo's outfits, even though they're too likeable to be cool and too cute to be edgy. Jing Boran is usually the hipper of the two, thanks in no small part to Fu Xinbo's ladylike haircuts. Maybe they are just too gentle and friendly to ever be hot like boybands should be.

This shiny + black outfit pair they wore to the Music Radio China Top Chart Awards (with skinny black pants) is sort of understated for an award show performance and falls just short of being fashionable. Yet I like its cuddly futuristic vibe a lot.

Check out the funny details- perhaps the chain mail was to heavy to plate the whole shirt? And Baozi seems to be wearing the kind of arm covers that street stall staff all over China wear when they are on the job :D as well as a totally awesome furry...thing.

source of all Bobo pics ever taken

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Tohoshinki Japan Debut 4-year Anniversary!

Thanks to the 'history of Tohoshinki' by the lovely girls at SharingYoochun I discovered today is Dong Bang Shin Ki's 4th anniversary of their Japan debut! I owe a lot of my fandom to their Japanese activities so I'm very happy to celebrate this occasion :)

Before I was a fan of DBSK I already loved My Destiny and it was their famous Budokan performance of Proud (during the FITB 2nd live tour), with Yoochun's emotions and representing their achievements after a lot of struggle, that really made me admire them so much.

I was so surprised to see in this performance of Love in the Ice during the T 3rd live tour that Jaejoong shed tears! I've never seen it before because watching performances of LITI can be quite exhausting... but Jaejoong gave such a moving performance (even before he started crying).

Happy anniversary!

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Yesterday evening I stumbled upon one of Kanjani8's new mvs, Glorious. It's a beautifully set video featuring three of the members (Ryo, Subaru and Tacchon).  Another remarkable thing about this song is that it is entirely in (well-pronounced) English. I think when Asian artists sing in English it's a plus to keep their own accent, as long as it remains understandable. It gives the song much more character.

Anyway, a good video should never be underestimated.  

When I went out walking today I wondered why Ryo was so familiar looking. Then I realized I had seen him in Last Friends as the abusive boyfriend of Juri Ueno's best friend. When I watched that show, I remember I actually asked myself where they found someone so good at that creepy and vulnerable part. Well, it's Ryo :)

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Doushite Kimi o Suki ni Natte Shimatta n Darou?

This fanmade 'Yoochun version' of the Doushite... video is really good! It melds the original mv with Micky Yoochun clips to follow the song's narrative in an abstract way. Actually I think it surpasses being just the combination of its elements (song + clips) and truly takes on a deeper dimension. Even more than the original mv, this video captures the heart of the song. The point is not about Yoochun and his love interest to which the song would theoretically be directed but by showing him with different partners from different stories it says something more about the FEELING than the story.

♥ ♥ ♥

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Bonjour Paris! Bonjour TVXQ!

When I first was becoming a DBSK fan last fall, the main thing (other than their comeback) that acquainted me with them was their Bonjour Paris dvd series. Even though they were in Paris working on the accompanying photoshoot, the dvd really shows a fun time and the cute side of the members.

Micky Yoochun's image during the Mirotic comeback really impressed me and his image in this Bonjour Paris photo series is no less outstanding. In fact the way he dressed in these pictures even changed the way I think about clothes. He's really one of my foremost style icons!

While Yoochun's style is playful and edgy, Changmin's is elegant with a preppy, classic feel- although I think it's more that his appeal leads to this style than vice versa. After these two I like Jaejoong's 'teenage' dress sense and Yunho's 'tough' look in this shoot, but Junsu... he's hopeless! Luckily his personality makes up for where his style is lacking.

Yoochun has a really good sense for glamor and drama in his appearance. I really like this outfit of a long ightweight beige coat over black t and black short pants.

Yunjae and their newly adopted kid :P Yunho can be very elegant too, here in off-white.

Lol Junsu!

Even on off-time when the whole group looks like they just put on anyone else's clothes, Yoochun has a sophisticated appeal in all-black.

Perfect hair! On both Changmin and Yoochun- no wonder the hairstylist kept following them with hairspray.

Haha Yoosu! Funnily enough I did almost the exact same pose as Junsu last summer.

Jaejoong's hair is really good at this time too. Blond suits him! It really emphasizes his anime-like features.

Changmin looks kind of like a mom in the picture above, and below, he insists on carrying a handbag. Lol.

Hero recontré Max dans le Marais was the caption to this picture. As if they were in some kind of French film, kk...

Aha! In this part of the shoot Junsu plays a university student, and although he looks totally cute, I really had to laugh when I saw him pretending to read L'etranger.

Yoochun acting like a total native.

Yunho looking awkward in this outfit- this part of the shoot also lacked narrative imo.

I used to hate Paris due to a traumatic experience there as a kid, but now it's ranked very high on my list of places to visit! And then I'd be sure to use the Bonjour Paris photobook (parts 1, 2, 3 and 4- can you believe it?) as my guidebook, lol. Actually, I also want to visit because Nodame Cantabile partly takes place there. Au revoir TVXQ!

All pictures from spiderliliez.

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TVXQ Travel Tips

I have this picture as my desktop background now, and when my friend & neighbor Esther saw it she asked if I knew these people. I almost fell over with astonishment! And then I really had to laugh.
To my answer, 'no', Esther replied: 'I thought not- they look too hip.' Indeed, how do Dong Bang Shin Ki manage to look so hip every time they pass through the airport? Firstly of course Micky Yoochun always looks laid-back glamorous, but lately U-know Yunho's been putting in a lot of effort too and showing up very smart.

Maybe if we all pretended hoards of people had come to the airport just to see us we would dress better too ;)

[I seem to recall their outfits in this picture are all endorsing some lable or the other as usual.]


Sodeju Super Junior!

Via Pretty Boy Power I got all caught up in the Super Junior comeback & it has definitely been worth it! I love the visual concept of their third album and although I don't know even half the members (too many memory cells required for that) for once I really saw their strength in numbers. A recent interview they did for 10Asia really explained very well their aims and purposes in being a 13-member band. Their plan to take over the world is secretly very genius! 

Their comeback performances of Sorry Sorry are also amazing! And so darn catchy. Naturally, I admire what they are wearing very much- such a clean look.

Also via Pretty Boy Power I saw the Suju appearance on Come to Play and I wasn't planning to watch it until I saw Siwon in a shorts suit. Siwon! He's so good looking it's scary and I start thinking he looks weird. It was funny when the hostess referred to his hair as 'soup spoon' shape! Anyway... I really want a shorts suit.

The whole show was hilarious, though, and definitely a good way to get to know more about the members. When Donghae acted out 'the daily life of Siwon the Gesture Man' (at 04:00) I had to laugh so hard! Here's a pic of my favorite three on the show, though: Hankyung is my favorite Suju member to begin with because he's Chinese! and so... moderate; Heechul because he's crazy (here he won the 'Most Weird' award) and has a great Trekkie style haircut; Kangin because he's ridiculous and also adorable with Yoonji on We Got Married.

Bonus mention: Shindong!  

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