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Fashion Follows Yoochun
Chaos Under Control
You Captured Me
Pretty Boy Power
Red Playground
Sapphire Pearls
One Pine Tree
Tokyo Bopper

Tomorrow will come

When the falling snow lands on my hand
It disappears without a trace
Because precious belongings are fragile
We cannot keep them forever, and it confuses us
Faraway, in a deep corner of the earth
Destiny brought us together
I want to express this miraculous feeling
With you
I'm unable to deliver a message to you
I've been living nervously, searching
Just searching for a light
As I begin to chase after it, I turn back, afraid of the outcome
I’ve stopped numerous times
Tears gather on my smiling face
This road that we shared
Is the only truth that remains
When the rains falls I will become your umbrella
When the wind blows I will become your wall
Even though the darkness overtakes the night
Tomorrow will come no matter what
The flowers that bloom in spring and the sandy shores of the summer
The fall sunrises and winter sunshine
As much as it is necessary, as much as needed, -
Courage lies where desires are present
Faraway, in a deep corner of the earth
I think of many memories
And want to call them my own
I want to deliver a message to you
I’ve stopped numerous times
Tears gather on my smiling face
This road that we shared
Will not disappear
When the rains falls I will become your umbrella
When the wind blows I will become your wall
Even though the darkness overtakes the night
Tomorrow will come no matter what
I want to deliver a message to you
Tomorrow will come no matter what

we love you

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First Snow

Ooh a song about first snow! How lovely. We're already on our fifth or sixth snowfall of the year, but that doesn't make it any less magical.

I love the outfit BEAST's Yoseob and Dalmation's Drama (who comes up with these band names...) are wearing in their promo pic. Yoseob's orange-on-orange knit is really my dream combo, and Drama is wearing that sweet Lacoste flag sweater that SHINee's Onew also wore with white pants when presenting some music show (Music Core? Music Bank?) a few weeks back.



Now I feel Christmassy! I love Invincible Youth so much- all those shiny girls, happy and sad moments, eating farmy food, mombbae pants, and friendliness. Like my pal N said, it makes you want to go and help out on a farm or go fishing for a day with your friends.

I'm going to start knitting and get caught up on all the episodes this holiday!


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My Everything

Love this cover by some of Kpop's most trendy ballad singers, including my personal favorite Onew ~~ It reminds me of how when I started liking Kpop, the male singers like Kangta with their slow songs were the things that I listened to over and over.  In this cover of 'My Everything', I'm really impressed by how Kyuhyun makes it look so easy- but then he's always been good at English songs. 

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Pajeon Prince

My interest in a particular food or dish is often piqued by a scene in a drama or variety show, such as the croquembouche in Antique, Yoonji's obsession with bakes sweet potatoes in We Got Married or any cooking scene in Invincible Youth.
So it is that in my brain, the Korean chive pancake, pajeon, is irreversibly linked to the scene in The First Shop of Coffee Prince where they are having Eunchan's father's memorial dinner and Eunsae is making these terrible pancakes.

Of course her admirer MinYub says oh, she's so great at cooking, and it's so delicious, etc. He's so funny! Eunsae the whole time has her usual devil-may-care attitude and dumps the broken pancakes on a plate. Meanwhile Soon-ki watches the cooking with a kind of disgusted look and finally pushes Eunsae aside to show us all how it's done.

The rest of this scene is funny too, but I always get stuck focused on Soonki's pancake-making technique. First he puts some batter in the pan, then he spreads the chives on top and adds more batter. Most recipes call for 'Korean chives', but since I'm not sure what they are exactly I use garlic chives, while spring onion is also an option. Enjoy!

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I've always been intrigued by Super Junior Yesung's pet turtle Ddangkoma, since the story of Yesung's jealousy at Heechul's star cat pet and subsequent acquisition of the disappointingly boring turtle is so deadpan funny, it's exactly my style.

That's why I loved this cute story of Yesung's "kids" (via Omonatheydidn't):

A Story About How Yesung Almost Killed His Children
(told by Kim Namho who is Yesung's co-star in his Musical, Spamalot)

He brought a box and put it on the desk~
He said it was his pet and I thought what kind of an animal is in a box with holes.
I became curious, so I opened the box right away.

I thought, "what is this?"
He said they are land turtles.
I asked him, "then, they can't swim?"
Yesung said, "I almost killed them trying to make them swim."

The tiniest one is the maknae Ttangkkomi!
He was born 6 months ago.
It looks really cute being on a Cchapagettiㅠㅠ

I couldn't take an individual picture of the second oldest because it was sleepingㅠㅠ
Its name is Ttangkkoming.
Also, the oldest one, this kid is Ttangkkoma. Even though it's huge, there's only 6 months difference between this kid and Ttangkkoming.
A year and 6 months... Anyway, this kid is so cool.!

This kid!
He looks at them like he's looking at his children...He also caresses them and loves them~
What a nice kid he is..
I hope your innocence goes on for a long time and I'll pray for you and your three children to live happily together^^

Article About Yesung:
Source: Kim Namho Minihompy
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM