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CN Blue Skies

Aigoo! Now I remember why I never watch Korean variety shows as they're airing... it's because each time you have to wait for the next episode!!! I've just watched ep 1-5 of Shinee's Hello Baby and now I'll have to wait for the rest...

And then I found out that Jaebeom will not return to 2pm and I really feel crushed. The energy of the group is not the same without him. But I wish them all the best.

In the mean time to calm my nerves (lol) I looked through my links and found these calming shoots from 'rookie boyband' CN Blue. I have no idea what their music sounds like but these photos are nice. Why are they all so young?!

Really like this guy's hair.

all pictures via Youcapturedme:
CN Blue

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Sexy Lady AH

I'm listening to Hong Kong radio lately, so whenever it's 1-2 am here it's nice in the morning there! Why does Yoon Eun Hye look so sexy despite her stick figure and goofy charming face? It's what I love about her, in any case. In the words of Go Eun-chan, " I want you to see me as a woman." It doesn't matter how she looks, she is always being true to herself.

(I love Coffee Prince and I want to watch it again!!)

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Still a Fan

I noticed this cute exchange on a Youtube video of 'Forever Love':

Marih94 (1 jaar geleden)
Who sings after JaeJoong in the beginning?

pyrogamer01 (1 jaar geleden)
That's Xiah Junsu.

Marih94 (1 jaar geleden)
Ok, thanks (:

crystal91pearl (3 weken geleden)
I wonder if you'll still ask that question now... You must be a huge fan after a whole year past... am I right?

Marih94 (3 weken geleden)

♥ ♥ ♥

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DBSK's new photos for VIVI magazine are so cool, but what else did you expect? I love the lighting and the straightforward suits. The smart menswear details, like Yunho's wing collar, Yoochun's db jacket (he seems to get those a lot in photoshoots) and old-school suspenders make it interesting. Yoochun's natural style is always the best.

Bonus: Junsu in a cummerband! I love cummerbands and it's a good style for Junsu because it makes him look taller and also formal, since his appeal is more on the casual side.

more at SharingYoochun

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Best of Dong Bang Shin Ki

The new pictures coming from the (100 different versions of) DBSK's 'Best Of' album are marvelous. Admittedly they just fall right in my taste bracket and as such are in a 'safe' style, but I'm glad that for this classic album they've chosen a classic concept. It shows their maturity while employing a simultaneously dream-like quality.

Love Junsu's ring...

I only wish there was a Best Of album for their Korean songs too.

all pictures via Sharing Yoochun:

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