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Onew Ache

Occasionally when I have something like Onew ache, I like to imagine what SHINee's Onew was like as a high school student. Sometimes he cycled to school, and sometimes he played soccer. Sometimes he studied until dawn. When he was a trainee, he went to rehearsals in his school uniform. Afterwards he might have gone to take the same train home as SNSD's Hyoyeon but they would eat tteokbokki first. Sometimes when he needed to lose weight he would get up at 5 to swim for an hour, then walk to school for an hour, and after practice he would walk home and jump rope 4000 times. His parents owned a meat shop (are butchers?).

Seems like a tough life but also a fulfilling one in some ways...

No wonder he was so good at jump roping in on that episode of Super Junior's Miracle, and there was also another time he talked about cycling to school but right now I can only find this funny example: 'Onew big thigh idol'.

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♥ Ayaka

After seeing this DBSK fanvid featuring one of Junsu's favorite songs Everyone's under the sky, I was reminded of Ayaka's love story.

Ayaka Iida revealed her marriage to actor Hiro Mizushima in early 2009. What surprised me the most about this news, although I'm not very familiar with either artist, was that two young and highly successful artists would marry so early in their career, when they are popular and vulnerable as idols. It really gave me hope that the two of them are so brave and so certain. I love the story.

Here are some interesting blog posts with more details of their happy marriage:
Unleash the geek
Dorama World
Japan Zone

It's too bad that Ayaka has had to take a break from singing due to her health. Her music and her image are wonderful. I first saw her video for the song Yume wo Miketa ni in Beijing and I loved her shoes :) and her hair and everything. So much happiness !

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Blinged to the Max

Tumblr seems to be the best place to quickly find HQ SHINee pics, although it's impossible to search specifically. You have to rely on serendipity :)

And so it is I couldn't help but be pointed out it's Jonghyun's birthday today. I like Jonghyun more the more I see of him on shows, because his exotic appearance belies a really natural and spontaneous guy. He talks so much and shows his emotions freely (and on SHINee's Yunhanam, he arranged the best date!). Just a sweetheart.

For the record, I love Jonghyun's blonde hair from Ring Ding Dong promotions. And I also share his penchant for shiny things ^^ Happy Birthday!


Shinee for CLRide

I've collected an embarrassing number of SHINee pictures on my computer over the last few days so here is a first share. I really like the endorsement they've done for CL.Ride over the past few seasons. Similar to SNSD and Super Junior's ads for SPAO, they have a fresh and approachable young appeal. In other words, very standard, but nice. And of course they turn on the charms for the sake of advertising ;)

Kim So Eun is lovely here too and I think she makes a great match with SHINee, especially with Onew!

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JaeJoong for AnAn magazine is really the best of his natural cute charm. I'm glad they didn't go all-out sexy like with some infamous AnAn photoshoots because it's not DBSK's style and this fits JJ so well...

Looking at some of those AnAn shoots though (some are skanky!! kind of awesome) I came across this pic of Tsumabaki. I looooove his sweater. That's all. ♥

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[Trans] 100403 Bigeast mail – The boys will stop working as Tohoshinki

Even though there are roads that fans cannot walk with their idols... when Dong Bang Shin Ki had to leave Cassiopeia behind to begin again in Japan... when you need us, we will always be there for you.

After one year and seven months, Cassiopeia did not forget DBSK.
It doesn't matter how long fans have to wait. They will always be there.

Even though they will not work under the name Tohoshinki, as TVXQ or as DBSK, they will always BE Tohoshinki. Fans will not forget them. I will support all five as solo artists and I will wait for the day they will perform together again.

Always keep the faith!

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No wait is too long :)

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