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Studying is kind of breaking my brain right now so a beautiful respite is welcome: here are two different girls, representing SM's ideals of the female idol if you will.

First up is Amber Lui from f(x), the kid famous for her tomboy style. I definitely love seeing the way their stylists keep trying to walk the line between feminine and masculine looks for her. This pic from a recent issue of Elle is one of her best expressing this duality.

I just wish that we could see her face more and that fangirls would not perv on her so much, although the hype is part of what makes her intrigueing. She's only 17 though! I don't like f(x), but I hope Amber will keep up her authentic-feeling persona. It's cool.

Go Ara (sweet name) is also only 19! Geez I feel old. From what I've seen of Heading To The Ground she's a good comedic actress and definitely not a newbie. She's got a classic look but with a surprising amount of allure, and memorable eyes.

Awesome banana hat, heh. Go Ara also did the beguiling spoken part at the beginning of DBSK's atmospheric Love Bye Love. Gotta keep an eye on these two girls...

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