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Show some love, you ain't so tough must be one of the best English-language Kpop fan sites- focused, free and extensive, it's not hard to imagine how much its translations of Korean pop songs must have contributed (and continues to contribute) to spreading Kpop fandom around the world.

Upon reading this { small excerpt } from one of the old updates on the front page, I feel like the webmaster frostedsnow shares a really important message about fandom:

I used to work on Aheeyah because I loved Kpop so much and I needed a place to release all that love. I couldn't get enough of it and wanted to spend timeless... er, time on it. I could spend 6 hours with no break doing lyrics, and I'd be all happy at the end of it. It was all simply out of love and passion. Now, I work on Aheeyah because I have a duty as a fan. I have a duty to help make their music accessible to others, to spread knowledge about Kpop, and encourage fans to support their music albums. Lots of people call themselves fans, but they don't really do anything for the artists. There's so many things you can do! Start up a forum, or just participate in one, force your friends to listen to your Kpop-ified mp3 player, send some Kpop videos (clubbox? youtube? whatever!) to your friends on MSN, put some pictures of your fav artists on your blog, make a Kpop t-Shirt and wear it, sing Kpop aloud in class so all your classmates can hear and give you weird looks and the teacher point you out and ask you what the worldly kabungos you're singing and you tell em loud and proud, write the word 'Kpop' on your forehead and let ppl stare at you strangely and the brave ones ask you what it is, WHATEVER! Just do SOMETHING! Don't just sit on your big butt cheeks all day downloading their albums from the internet and leeching videos in forums and calling yourself a fan. AT LEAST BUY THEIR CDS DAMNIT! Why can ppl afford high speed internet and laptops and iPods, but be saying you can't afford to buy albums? Don't call yourself a fan if that's what you do.

Some awesome fanart, hee hee >>>

That's also why I love this crazy but admirable video: The DBSK International Fansong Project. Don't say goodbye ~ Cassies are amazing!

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