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Of course Soulmate are dominating all the fan blogs right now with their duo promotions (right up there with Heading to the Ground activities). It's amazing how strong their twosome image has already become, with the many magazine features and music show appearances they are racking up.

I've said it before but I'll say it again: the 'twin' look is a genius move! JJ & YC sharing the same haircut in blond + black makes for an immediate visual hook and makes YC look more Japanese than ever.

I love this Vivi shoot. The layout of their 'questions' page is pretty great too! (It's hilarous how non-commital YC's answers are, but his intention is good: 'Looks better when a girl has her own style.' Damn straight.)

Meanwhile I have this idea that Soulmate are working extra hard to keep Dong Bang Shin Ki's profile up. After all, their public face is the way idols communicate with their fans. I really admire the way JJ & YC are reciprocating their fan's love by wearing these personalized fangoods: JJ's 'We ♥ JJ' t-shirt and YC's 'Y' bedazzled headphones.

I've been listening to YC's Cyworld playlist too, which also feels like a kind of 'communication', lol!

A better pic of the headphones (I really like them) (and recently YC wore a fan's handpainted Always keep the faith t-shirt too! ♥ ♥ ♥):

Soulmate fighting!

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