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(Even as time goes by) It's You

As expected, the new Super Junior single It's You is very cool! I like videos with a simple, well-executed concept and even with twelve members to juggle the screen time, this Super Junior mv is both elegant and emotive.

ETA: As far as I'm concerned this video could have been twice as long :P
The choreography really is amazing, Heechul is so hilariously cool, and Yesung *swoon*

I took some LQ screencaps to try and show how the dance has a very narrative feel to it that really adds to the 'story' of the video. Also of course because Hankyung opens the dance :)

Since I'm only a new Suju fan I still want to discuss all their parts in detail (or perhaps all Suju fans want to do this? lol) but I'll refrain from now and just say Heechul once again manages to put his stamp of uniqueness on this performance!

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