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Her whisper is the lucifer

O_o Ondubu is in tears! Congrats to SHINee on their first no.1 win with Lucifer - I love this pic because it shows exactly each of their personalities. Jjong the playful, Key the sweetheart, Taemin the beatiffic, Minho the macho and Onew, the dubu. That's my SHINee shorthand, lol.

I haven't been loving  Lucifer because I don't get why they made it their summer comeback song. In July, in the sun, I much prefer  Up & Down or  Electric Heart - something more groovy. When it's good though, Lucifer can be pretty hypnotic. I like all the mesh shirts they are wearing , but why are they starting to look more & more like wimmen? Up & Down 's hip-hop inspired colorful styling is, again, much more summery and more my type. It's like the summer version of Jojo and you know Jojo is a firm fan favorite. 

Meanwhile I'm also grateful for all the BTS pictures, Key being cute all over the place and more of Onew, Onew, Onew. Like this video [sexy back].

And as always I'm loving their off-stage style even more, like Key in an enormous white bunny-print t-shirt, or Onew in a blue Mario bros. t-shirt, or Jjong in this awesome little straw hat. Kind of makes me wish they styled themselves on stage!

My love is activated... ^^
All pics via Shining Shinee World

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