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Pride won't feed you

“For my pride I won’t lose to anyone~”

This is part of the lyrics to “Shooting Star”.

Of course, although we thought this line showed the overall meaning of the lyrics and sounded cool,

I regret that we couldn’t change this particular line.

You can’t let your pride take priority.

Though it’s important to know your self-worth and not to yield easily,

If you go overboard, become unreceptive to the outside world and stick to the student mindset

You’ll suffer a lot of damage from society.

You must know how to have the self-respect to discard your pride sometimes.

There’s no need to feel defeated because of this.

As a part of society you just have to be a bit more lenient.

To jump higher you have to crouch to your lowest.

If you try to jump with a stiff body, you won’t jump high and you’ll only feel pain in your legs.

Everyone has to find his own time to build his pride.

But it’s definitely not 'right from the beginning'.

Kim Dongwan