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I've always been intrigued by Super Junior Yesung's pet turtle Ddangkoma, since the story of Yesung's jealousy at Heechul's star cat pet and subsequent acquisition of the disappointingly boring turtle is so deadpan funny, it's exactly my style.

That's why I loved this cute story of Yesung's "kids" (via Omonatheydidn't):

A Story About How Yesung Almost Killed His Children
(told by Kim Namho who is Yesung's co-star in his Musical, Spamalot)

He brought a box and put it on the desk~
He said it was his pet and I thought what kind of an animal is in a box with holes.
I became curious, so I opened the box right away.

I thought, "what is this?"
He said they are land turtles.
I asked him, "then, they can't swim?"
Yesung said, "I almost killed them trying to make them swim."

The tiniest one is the maknae Ttangkkomi!
He was born 6 months ago.
It looks really cute being on a Cchapagettiㅠㅠ

I couldn't take an individual picture of the second oldest because it was sleepingㅠㅠ
Its name is Ttangkkoming.
Also, the oldest one, this kid is Ttangkkoma. Even though it's huge, there's only 6 months difference between this kid and Ttangkkoming.
A year and 6 months... Anyway, this kid is so cool.!

This kid!
He looks at them like he's looking at his children...He also caresses them and loves them~
What a nice kid he is..
I hope your innocence goes on for a long time and I'll pray for you and your three children to live happily together^^

Article About Yesung:
Source: Kim Namho Minihompy
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM