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Onew's Cardigan

I found this super cute cardigan over at Sosoilgi and recognized it straight away as the cardigan SHINee's Onew wore on Hello Baby at the beginning of this year. I love this cardigan! It combines all my favorite elements: patchwork, knit, and shawl collars. Sweet.

(I think Sosoilgi's might be a close imitation- I don't know who Onew's cardigan is actually by.) Looking through episode three for a good image of Onew's cardigan reminded me how much I LOVED their style on that show and how I came to like SHINee to begin with :)

Seriously, if anyone can id the toggle coat Onew wore in episode one, I will love you forever. But you'll have to share that love with SHINee's wardrobe.

Check out this hilarious diary entry Onew wrote for episode three:

Yoogeun said "No!" I made well-being food worthy of a super ultra sensational culture shock but after eating the rice and eggs, he promptly erased me from his memory. I guess I'll just put him to sleep in the bed I bought him. Oh. I also held Yoogeun today. He didn't was a decent day.

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