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JYJ take the USA!

JYJ's recent short showcase tour in the USA has been super encouraging, demonstrating the amount of fan support they've got and that their talent and work ethic still charm everyone who works with them the world over. I love this performance for MTV K for showing off their live talent (so much better than that weird video...) and of course a little bit of charisma :)

Junsu's voice is just getting better and better (he's starting to look more like his brother too imo). I love (love love!) what they have all been wearing during this showcase- a kind of 'anno-nu' sophisticated glam rock, which is unexpected and has the potential to be tacky, but so perfectly executed that it looks like $$$.

Yoochun is wearing an awesome long sweater in this shoot that I am super jealous of, and is it just me or did he change his eyebrows since about a year ago? ♥

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