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Seungho loses his composure once more while Lee Joon sneakily steals the spotlight again (with his Jun Pyo hairstyle, lol!)...

Looking at MBLAQ photoshoots always makes me smile since it reminds me of how absolutely crazy these five are, as I learned from watching them on Idol Army. That show made me laugh so hard!

I didn't really like Cheondoong on the show because he was weird and tense, and Mir is like the insane country bumpkin who screams every time he sees a car, and yet, and yet... in the photoshoots these two juniors with their high-fashion deadpan expressions look the most chic.

I love everything Cheondoong is wearing in these pictures. Jealoussss!

Like I said, Mir's split personality from his 'baby Chucky' side to his elegant side is quite amazing. And I am really happy about the men's shorts trend (! remember Junsu in SMART magazine last month). GO looks good in a natural way.

Cheondoong's outfit is soooo lovely. But my favorite will always be Seungho - I guess I love fail? Haha! I think MBLAQ have a lot of potential since they each have so much energy and personality. It would be great if their music and concepts would actually start showcasing it!!!

pics via Youcapturedme and Omona

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