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Onew Ache

Occasionally when I have something like Onew ache, I like to imagine what SHINee's Onew was like as a high school student. Sometimes he cycled to school, and sometimes he played soccer. Sometimes he studied until dawn. When he was a trainee, he went to rehearsals in his school uniform. Afterwards he might have gone to take the same train home as SNSD's Hyoyeon but they would eat tteokbokki first. Sometimes when he needed to lose weight he would get up at 5 to swim for an hour, then walk to school for an hour, and after practice he would walk home and jump rope 4000 times. His parents owned a meat shop (are butchers?).

Seems like a tough life but also a fulfilling one in some ways...

No wonder he was so good at jump roping in on that episode of Super Junior's Miracle, and there was also another time he talked about cycling to school but right now I can only find this funny example: 'Onew big thigh idol'.

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