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Gu Hye-Sun

Gu Hye-Sun is my new role model now that I've discovered her truly independant and unique nature by reading this article on Dramabeans: "Jack-of-all-trades Gu Hye-sun's secret: 'I'm a workaholic.'". As the pretty and kooky lead Geum Jandi on last year's hit k-drama Boys over Flowers, she won Hallyu fans all over the world.

Despite criticisms of Gu Hye-Sun's weird acting or any prejudice towards her ulzzang beginnings, her whole career thus far has demonstrated her strong will.
1. She got a scholarship to study at university and reached no.1 in her department, but quit to join the show Nonstop.
2. She trained to be a singer, but made her name as an actress.
3. She became well-known as Geum Jandi, but went on to direct her own film, release her own music, exhibit her illustrations, and write a novel.

It was truly amazing to read about Gu Hye-Sun's accomplishments so far, all driven by her own ideas and her hard work. I really had a paradigm shift. I hope Gu Hye-Sun will continue to be an independant spirit and a true idol.

Gu Hye-sun, actress, author, director, painter, composer
Goo Hye Sun Talks About Her Musical Album “Breathe”

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