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李健 Li Jian

I love this song by 李健 (Li Jian) ever since I heard it on Jing Boran's homepage. Back then, I couldn't figure out who it was by as I couldn't search for it in Chinese, but thanks to the lj community More Chinese Music I've rediscovered this great artist.

I love the little blurb that the maker of this fanvid posted so I will repost it here to inform you of the song:

A new attempt is recently made by me on home-making a music video unofficially dedicated to an award-winning song, 《風吹麥浪》("Feng Chui Mai Lang" as transliterated in Putonghua or "Rippling wheat flaps in the wind" as literally translated in English), which, one of the many smash hits by an emerging Chinese singer-songwriter, 李健(Li Jian), is highly acclaimed for its refreshing melody with musical arrangements as categorized and characterized by its prominence of merging different elements ranging from chill-out, country folk to soft rock for this popular song across China, the lyrics to which are also very well-received for its contents based on the singer's own recollections of a puppy love story with his girl friend under azure skies in the golden waves of wheat reaping for an annual harvest at the ready between late autumn and early winter, a recurring image and scenario inspired for this fairly sweet but somehow moody tune, which comes as a track from his studio album, 《想念你》("Xiang Nian Ni" as transliterated in Putonghua or literally translated as "Missing You" in English), which was released back in 2007 in China.

And here is a Babelfish translation of the lyrics (a machine translations are funny and cute):

Wheat blowing in breeze

Under the distant place deep blue sky
is surging the golden color wheat blowing in breeze
once was you and I
has loved in there the place,
when the micro wind has the flavor which harvests
to blow to my facial cast
remembers your gentle words
once to moisten my eye socket
We once sang in the field in the winter
to hope that
actually has not been able to wait till under the sunlight
this autumn's picture
to let the separate pledge dance in the air
flutters along with the westerly wind
looks like your soft long hair
to be once fragrant
my dreamland

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