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Just the other day I took notice of Dong Bang Shin Ki's regular feature in the Japanese Ray magazine and I love the way they are styled and shot in this series. There's a definite Japanese feel in their clothes but not in that awkward way they sometimes end up in for shoots. It's a casual and neat look, misleadingly simple- the combination of the five member's outfits is very sophisticated.

This blue picture has a great aesthetic- everything just comes together, including their irregular composition. Looks good! (Jun-chaaaan has a good forehead.)

So much plaid in these outfits, but it doesn't get hackneyed. (I think some of the other members have worn this black sweater on Changmin in other photo shoots.)

You know, I like reading criticisms of Kpop and Jpop culture to try and get a bigger picture sometimes, and one website I read recently told me a lot about the generic young Japanese OL demographic of magazines such as CanCam and Ray, mourning their promotion of bland lifestyles. I don't even know how that ties in here except that I just want to say, sometimes I can really identify with the normal need to fit into a corporate and ordinary life. These are real pressures. I like this regular Ray magazine style. It's not trying so hard, and in this case, maybe it brings DBSK closer. You remember how their dreams mean the same to them as yours do to you.

Jun-chan's sweater and scarf set in this next photo is so sweet. Endlessly Sweet.

All photos via DBSKnights.

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