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What amazing piece of Kpop mastery has compelled me to return to this blog after an age? It's none other than Kim Junsu's music video for "Uncommitted". I don't even know where to start, because it is stupendous. Let's throw some more superlatives at it! First of all, the song is groovy, catchy and not annoying, which are my criteria for a good song. I only listened to it once and it was stuck in my head, in a good way. But it doesn't end there- this song actually gets better with each listen. The mid-tempo rnb type melody is Junsu's best, reminding me of his amazing single "Rainy Night". The lyrics make me think of a Ne-yo song, that is how totally contemporary and logical they are. If Ne-yo wrote a song for Junsu... *cries with joy*... Sorry, got sidetracked there. The amazing thing about the lyrics for Uncommitted is how they develop. Most songs just cover one emotion or p.o.v. In this song, however, the protagonist starts out on the defensive, but eventually admits that "Somewhere she could be right..." Amazing!!! It's a whole saga packed into four minutes of groove. I love it. Secondly, the imagery in this video covers all the classic American contemporary music video scenes. Urban rooftops, cosmopolitan streets, west coast deserts, glamorous apartments and nightclubs with beautiful people: they managed to tick all the boxes and make it a seamless whole. Who is this genius video director??? With all these factors, we have a good music video, but the X-factor (or should I say Xiah- factor) that makes this video absolutely great is Kim Junsu. I wanna say something lame here, like "Xiah- truly the star of Asia". It's the incongruity of his appearance in this video's scenery that I love. He's a player, but he's skinny, kind of adrogynous, and has grey hair? Dances like a cobra? Looks like he plays for both teams? Kim Junsu, breaking stereotypes everywhere! In conclusion, this video is excellent and Kim Junsu has the kind of unique charisma no one can grasp. His personal style runs totally counter to his cute persona that fans knew him for and popular taste in general. Remember "Tarantallegra"? Where does this boy's brain go? Follow him & enjoy - there's none other like it.