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I've just finished watching the ten-episode Hotaru no Hikari 'dorama' (love that word :P) and I just want to watch it all over again.

Amemiya Hotaru is a 'himono-onna' or 'dried-up fish woman' who's good at work, but at home turns into a big slob in sweats and with her hair in a samurai knot. However, her lifestyle gets a big shock when her landlord's son moves in and turns out to be her boss! He's the total opposite: clean, neat (puts the bear correctly in the fridge), wears the jinbei around the house (which is so awesome). Then Hotaru also goes on to fall in love with her new co-worker which she needs a lot of advice for, etc. etc.

The show is really, really funny- mostly thanks to the manager being boggled by Hotaru's behavior, or otherwise making fun of it. You could say Buchô is the actual star of the show :P. Their chemistry is the best, but the supporting cast are also very adorable!

At first I thought it was a shame that Hotaru's love interest Makoto Teshima gets so little screen time, but in the end the story is not about him anyway! Thanks to this though his character is a little flat (or should I say dense, haha).

A review I read on another blog described this show quite concisely: "It's like Nodame Cantabile, except with beautiful interiors instead of classical music." It's true, the house they live in is amazing! But I would say Hotaru no Hikari has a simpler and yet more mature story line. Maybe because Nodame and Hotaru are not that similar- in some ways, yes (messy lifestyle and suppressed ambition), but I feel like Nodame behaves more intuitively than Hotaru, and Hotaru is more considerate than Nodame.

Still, Nodame Cantabile is now joined on my 'favorite shows' list by Hotaru no Hikari. Whereas the first is my 'winter drama', I guess the latter will become my 'summer drama' to fit this season.

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