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Although the pacing in this show was weird and I would really have loved to see more of Hotaru & her manager's happy ending, I still loved the ending. So I transcribed the subs of the last scene just for memories :)

Buchô comes home to find Hotaru.

Buchô: Amemiya.

Hotaru: Welcome home.

What do you mean, welcome home? What are you here for?

I’ve returned.

Whatever for? I thought you said you changed just a bit after your last love? I thought you were climbing the staircase of your life alone?

I did. About two.

(Buchô sighs.) The staircase of your life has only two steps?

I climbed two steps, and then summer came.

If it’s come, so what?

I was wondering how the porch has been.

How it’s been…

I was thinking, I want to see manager. When I left this house, I cried non-stop. I should’ve been at my happiest, what with the prospect of living with my love, but the moment I walked out of the door, I couldn’t stop my tears. I cried so much, I couldn’t do anything about it. Even when living with him, at the end of the day, for some reason, I wanted to talk to you. When he broke up with me, I wanted to see you. Even when I started to live alone, at the end of the day I’d think, I want to talk to manager on that porch. I couldn’t forget you. I wanted to see you again, in training wear and a samurai knot. I came back because I wanted to see you. I decided this by myself, because it’s my own life.


I wanted to see you. To see you… to see you… why…?

“Why?” Because you’re in love with me. I love you too.

(Both at the same time) I wonder why…?

Anyway, Amemiya…


There are some things you can’t overcome, even if you love each other. You… (Buchô walks off to the kitchen. Hotaru sits down, and Buchô comes back with a beer.)

Stand up. Just stand up.


It’s not correct to enter a house and sit down without permission.

I’m sorry.

Here. (Gives Hotaru the beer. Hotaru looks confused.) Move over there.


I mean… come to this side. (Hotaru continues to look confused. Buchô sighs and
pushes her to sit on the porch.) Come on. I sit here… and you sit there. That place is especially for you. Welcome home.

(Hotaru starts to cry.) Manager! Thank you so much! I made you wait so long.
Itadakimasu! (Hotaru drinks the beer.) Just as I thought… You are the best! (Both laugh.)

We need to make a new cohabitation treaty. 1. Do not lock someone in the bathroom all by himself.

2. Beware of fat percentage.

3. Use the table fairly.

4. Our pension should also be fair.

Are you planning to live here after you grow old?

5. Even when old and feeble, nursing should be fun.

6. If I get a girlfriend, you must leave here.


Thinking about it, it seems a pity to waste my life here.


When I fall in love, it’s your turn to cheer on for my love.


Unlike you, I’m sure I have a glorious future awaiting me.


You, on the other hand, will probably never fall in love again. You will not fall in love with another man except me. Not if you die. Not even after. Not even if you reincarnate. Even if you reincarnate, you’ll still be in love with me.

(Exasparated, Hotaru grabs a newspaper, lies down and covers herself with it.)

Hey! Listen to me, don’t sleep! Wake up. Wake up, or I shall kiss you!

(Hotaru sits up, shocked, then goes back to pretending to sleep.)

Wake up! Wake up and listen to me. Ahomiya!

(Hotaru looks at the newspaper.) Ah! Yamaguchi Momeo retired?! (Note: a famous female singer who retired in 1980.)

What date is that newspaper?! (Hotaru starts laughing.)

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