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From AM to PM

I was impressed by these 2AM and 2PM photo shoots (on Allkpop) even though I don't know anything about the bands at all. Their clothes here are kind of in that avant-garde/rock style that's popular in fashion right now but that I find boring on women. Well, put any clothes on a fit Korean boyband and I'll take a second look ><.

Actually, what they are wearing here is *just* understated enough that the clothes are interesting but also gives room to notice the wearer!

[above] I like the shorts, men should wear more shorts in a stylish way and not in a cargo-shorts or boarding-shorts kind of way. *sigh*
[below] Nice sweater on the left. Nice piano, too.

[below] Crazy good! I like it better to see artists wearing these forward things than just models because it's like they are not just showing the concept but executing it (not making any sense...*hides*).

[next two] Subtle, but interesting.

[below] So weird, but still so good. I like this shoot because it's not just one of those line-'em-up-and-tell-them-to-say-cheese kind of shoots, do you know what I mean? It has ideas and dynamic and interplay, all that high-calibre kind of stuff.

Cute bonus: Jaebeom interviews Lady Gaga
He's so funny uttering Americanisms ("that's crazy", "yeah, i get what you mean") not to mention ridiculously well-mannered and sheepish, like the good Asian boy that he is despite his badass outfit. Although his shoulderpads do not even compare to Lady Gaga's WINGS.

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