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I've been reading various fanfic lately (mostly Hanchul!) and I'm really impressed by this form of fandom. Yes, a lot of it is quite bad, but fanfiction

1. is really hard to write just like any fiction in an engaging, convincing way
2. requires a deep interest in the artist for good characterization
3. allows the fan to express their idea of what the artist stands for

I think that last point is the one that interests me the most: being a fan, the artist is obviously an Idol and thus you could say they are symbolic of something for the fan. In learning more about our idols we try to relate their character and experiences to ours, as inspiration, as faith that there are still people out there who will do their damndest to love and work and make their own way. Well, that's how I feel :) but I definitely don't have the patience or skill (or time) to write fanfic.

The fanfic that really prompted me to write this post was Smudge about *future* Hanchul. I normally don't like angst fic but this one stuck in my mind all morning. It's so sad. SOB.

And speaking of *future* fics here's a Hanchul fic with a happier (although still quite melancholic) ending: Friendship set on Fire. (via Ceirosken).

The lj Ceirosken actually is the one that moved me with her fandom to love Hanchul (since I don't have lj though, I can't leave a spazzy comment :P). Her fanfics are really good- humorous, touching and believable. Seriously, if I've learned nothing it's that good characterization is so important in fanfiction! You can't just switch the names around in a story. Aaaaaand speaking of funny fanfics, yesterday I read one that really had me ROFLMAO, literally, but I can't remember which one it was.

And here's a good longfic: Out Loud (in 2 parts) using Hankyung's SJM activities in China as the conflict in which the different aspects of the Hanchul relationship come to surface.

Reasons why Hanchul is love ♥♥♥

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