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The secret's out

This week my friend N and I went into a Chinese cute-stuff gift shop and it took a moment to register the song that was playing: Dong Bang Shin Ki's Survivor! Wow! I was inwardly super-excited and weirded out to hear it in public instead of just having it coming from the computer.Turns out they had the album in stock too!! Now I have to seriously consider buying it.

The point of this whole post is, now I really 'get' The Secret Code and I love it. It really does have a different vibe to their previous albums. Perhaps you could say a more mature, thoughtful, engaging and lively feeling.

So here are some of my favorite pics from The Secret Code pamphlet (not to mention the great 2U snaps) to celebrate. There are even two of Junsu because he's awesome and very compelling in these photos. Truly in charge of 'charisma'!

All photos via Fashion Follows Yoochun.

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