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Autumn's Concerto

Attempting to prevent myself from overdosing on K-variety, K-drama and K-pop (and the drama that goes with it) I started watching Autumn's Concerto ft. Vanness Wu tonight. I already heard a lot of good things about this drama and I'm also a Vanness fan since he is so... weird.

Immediately the first episode reminded me of tons of plot... stuff from the only other Taiwanese drama I ever watched, the lauded Mars. Which is totally a good thing, since that is an excellent show! Autumn Concerto is from the first episode funny and dramatic- I can't wait to watch the rest of it.

The only thing is, they sure look old for university students...

Here's an awesome first episode summary (total LOLs)
Here's a cool interview about Vanness' new self
Here's a hilarious article comparing Jerry and Vanness' hairstyles

You can watch the show subbed by SUBlime (as plugged by V.Dubb himself!)

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