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Fashion Follows Yoochun
Chaos Under Control
You Captured Me
Pretty Boy Power
Red Playground
Sapphire Pearls
One Pine Tree
Tokyo Bopper

Best Selection

Omo! I was so surprised by these pictures of Dong Bang Shin Ki from Non-no magazine. They worked with Ninagawa Mika again which is awesome because she's a world-renowned photographer (I love her work with Celine in 2007). It's great to see that everyone DBSK work with support them so much, on their blogs, and promoting them in other ways. They have so many blessings from their colleagues, which both raises their profile and shows us their true image. I love it!

Anyway... :)
The point with this article is the concept 'Best Selection' album and it's cool how different songs have been translated to each photo. Of course, my favorite is Yoochun's Begin. But I also love Yunjae's flower boys power, Changmin's new friend and Junsu's disco fever. Dong Bang fighting!

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