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Korean entertainment close to home:

1. Paju opened at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam and it was reported that the lead, Lee Seon-gyun, was also present (with the director Park Chan-ok and costar Seo Woo) at the opening. For K-drama fans, Lee Seon-gyun plays Choi Han-sung in The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince. And he was here! And I didn't know! And I love Coffee Prince! *smacks self* I could've taken a picture or something...

2. I was listening to BBC World Service a while back and one report mentioned the Seoul Music Awards. The reporter called a journalist from the the Korea Herald, who stated that SNSD won the main award of the evening. Then when she was asked to name some of the 'highlights' of the evening, she just rattled off a huge list of K-pop stars (who were in attendance). Some report. Well, at least they played a little bit of SNSD's Oh!.

(why does SNSD always wear so little clothes? I really like them but in a recent endorsement I'm uncomfortable to look at them- they were wearing really small white outfits and then BIG PICTURES)

3. I was sitting in the metro last week and a white girl came and sat across from me (in a relatively empty carriage) and started playing Super Junior's Sorry Sorry really loudly on her mp3. It was all I could do to stop myself from laughing out loud. Should I have said something, like 'which SJ member is your favorite?' Or maybe 'I prefer Neorago/It's You.' Lol, I could have made an E.L.F. friend! Next time.

4. Taeyang's Wedding Dress was on FunX's X-tips chart last year but I've still heart it being mentioned in the weekend countdown on the station. Now I just hope they'll play it one day!

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