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I had to do this one for my girls, you know?

I'm psyched to see the girls from 2ne1 won a Style Icon award, because their alternative beauty, real bodies and unique style are really standouts in the homogenous world of Kpop. (Can you believe SNSD were nominated?! I like SNSD just fine, but their whole identity is based on their samen-ness, neutral stick figures and generic fashion.) 2ne1 have taken some flak for their over-produced image, but I think they have the substance to back up their popularity.

At debut I wasn't really into 2ne1 but then I fell hard for their song I don't care. And now I've found out the tough-girl stance of the lyrics, I like it even more. Did you know almost all the girls of 2ne1 are fluent in English as well? Their average age is older than a lot of the girl bands dominating kpop right now too which might explain why they feel a little more 'real'. They certainly appeal to me most. Sometimes I don't get their 'signature' style, but it's challenging and cohesive as opposed to the crazy that seems to be the trend lately, like with 4minute.

Ultimately, I don't mean to pit Kpop girlbands against each other, but I'm really glad 2ne1 are being acknowledged for the difference they are making on the scene. Even outside of the standards of Kpop, they are a great band. Check out their closing performance for the promotions of I don't care: Unplugged Remix.

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