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Kdrama Foodie

I think I've discovered the only blog I need to read for the rest of my life (besides this one, duh): Kdramafood

Where have you been all my life? All those times that I watched Coffee Prince and wanted to eat jajangmyeon and wipe the sauce with pickled daikon, every time I watched a variety show where they have a barbeque outdoors in the middle of winter, that awesome episode of Invincible Youth where they went to the Korean traditional preserved foods company and made the most epic bibimbap of all time... for me one of the central pleasures of watching Kdrama and K-variety shows are the food experiences that all the important moments revolve around. And now I've finally found a blog that shares my enthusiasm :D

Another favorite Korean tv food moment: Lee Yoonji's obsession with grilled sweet potatoes on We Got Married. SO DELICIOUS.

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