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Tears (Namida)

Naotaro Moriyama's "Namida"

Everything that has physical form will fade away, but
The smile that you create is new again today

If it's the case that all living things are fated to ruin
The heart that doesn't know its direction, the hand will loosely grasp

To be born and to live, even though that's all there is
The seasons are still gentle to the skin

The tears that are flowing so much
Where do tears come from, I wonder
At the moment that the universe began, I can feel that something was there

Crimes that pile and pile up, postponed to the distance
The context of that fleeting dream, I look back upon it again today

To love and love, even if that's all there is
The sky is still beautiful through these eyes

The sobbing and spilling tears
Where do tears return to, I wonder
The meaning behind being able to meet you has been hidden by salty tears

Tears that overflow despite everything
Where do tears come from, I wonder
In the darkness at that center of the heart, I believe that something exists

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