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Via Pretty Boy Power I got all caught up in the Super Junior comeback & it has definitely been worth it! I love the visual concept of their third album and although I don't know even half the members (too many memory cells required for that) for once I really saw their strength in numbers. A recent interview they did for 10Asia really explained very well their aims and purposes in being a 13-member band. Their plan to take over the world is secretly very genius! 

Their comeback performances of Sorry Sorry are also amazing! And so darn catchy. Naturally, I admire what they are wearing very much- such a clean look.

Also via Pretty Boy Power I saw the Suju appearance on Come to Play and I wasn't planning to watch it until I saw Siwon in a shorts suit. Siwon! He's so good looking it's scary and I start thinking he looks weird. It was funny when the hostess referred to his hair as 'soup spoon' shape! Anyway... I really want a shorts suit.

The whole show was hilarious, though, and definitely a good way to get to know more about the members. When Donghae acted out 'the daily life of Siwon the Gesture Man' (at 04:00) I had to laugh so hard! Here's a pic of my favorite three on the show, though: Hankyung is my favorite Suju member to begin with because he's Chinese! and so... moderate; Heechul because he's crazy (here he won the 'Most Weird' award) and has a great Trekkie style haircut; Kangin because he's ridiculous and also adorable with Yoonji on We Got Married.

Bonus mention: Shindong!  

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